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Oil and Natural Gas Permit

In order to conduct oil and natural gas exploration in Prince Edward Island, a permit is required which clearly defines the area of exploration. All permits are issued on a competitive bid basis.

The Oil and Natural Gas Act is online as a PDF document.

Bid Process
  • Minister issues calls for bids as a result of an industry request or on his own initiative. Calls for bids are advertised in the Royal Gazette and other publications.
  • Companies obtain bid package which includes a list of instructions and related forms.
  • Minister may issue permit as a result of a call for bids.
  • Permits are issued for six years onshore and nine years offshore.
  • After the permit is issued, a company does the work described in the bid. Before a company can drill an exploratory well they have to have a well authorization which costs $25.00.
  • A company must also apply for a Rig Licence and prior to drilling, the company must comply with all terms and conditions of the PEI Environmental Protection Act and comply with applicable labour statutes.


The cost for a Rig Licence is $25.00


Rig Licence, Application for
Well Authorization, Application for

Service Location

Jones Building

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