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Weight Restrictions

About Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Effective 12:01 A.M., Sunday, March 16, 2014, the following weight restrictions will be in effect.

  1. On the following roads the axle weights and registered weights as permitted under Schedule 1 of the Vehicle Weights Regulations are permitted with no tolerance:

  2. Route 1                            From Borden to Wood Islands, including the Charlottetown Perimeter Highway (Upton Road to Grafton Street East
    Route 1A   From Albany to Summerside and Travellers Rest
    Route 26   From Crossroads to Pownal
    Route 2   From Souris to Tignish
    Route 3   From Cherry Valley to Georgetown
    Route 4   From Wood Islands to Dingwells Mills
    Route 5   From Route 1 east 3.47 km
    Route 5   From Route 22 east to Collins Road
    Route 6   From Kensington to Routes 7 and 251
    Route 6   From Bedford to Corran Ban Bridge
    Route 7   From Milton to Routes 251 and 6
    Route 8   From North Bedeque to Freetown
    Route 8   From Route 2 south 1.34 km
    Route 9   From Route 1 north 3.50 km
    Route 9   From Route 235 to Route 225
    Route 10   From Carleton Siding to Route 112 in North Carleton
    Route 11   From Portage Road from Route 2 in Mount Pleasant west 2.8 km
    Route 12   From Route 133 to Route 134
    Route 12   From Route 2 in Miscouche to the Grand River Bridge
    Route 12   From Route 178 to Route 166 in Tyne Valley
    Route 12   From Route 2 in Portage to Route 168
    Route 13   From Route 235 to Route 246 in Kellys Cross
    Route 13   From Route 225 in Hartsville to the Snowie Road in Mayfield
    Route 13   From Route 6 in Cavendish to Route 241, Toronto Road
    Route 14   From Carleton to MacPhee Road in Brae
    Route 14   From Howards Cove south to Route 164, Lecky Road
    Route 14   From Miminegash south 6.1 km
    Route 15   From Charlottetown to Portage Road, Route 6 west
    Route 16   From Souris to South Lake, Route 16A south
    Route 16   From Route 16A east 1.1 km to the road to North Lake Harbour
    Route 16A   From South Lake to North Lake
    Route 17   From Route 4 to Route 326 in Montague
    Route 18   From Murray River to Beach Point
    Route 18   From High Bank to Route 18A in White Sands
    Route 19   From Cornwall to Route 19A in New Dominion
    Route 20   From Kensington to Darnley Road Intersection
    Route 21   From Route 1 east 4.4 km
    Route 22   From Route 3 to Route 5
    Route 22   From Route 3 to Route 210, Queens Road
    Route 22   From Route 2 to Joeys Road in Pisquid
    Route 24   From Route 3 to Route 4
    Route 25   From Route 2 to Route 6 in Stanhope
    Route 101   From Kensington to Route 234
    Route 107   Blueshank Road from Route 1A to Route 2
    Route 109   From Route 2 south 1.32 km
    Route 109   From Route 8 to Route 107
    Route 110   From Route 2 to Route 171, Dunk River Road
    Route 115   From Route 1A to Albany
    Route 123   From Route 12 in Belmont east 1.0 km
    Route 124   From Route 2 to Wellington
    Route 127   McIsaac Road from Route 2 west 1.0 km
    Route 132   Northam Road from Route 2 to Route 167
    Route 133   From Route 2 to Route 12
    Route 140   From Barclay Road to Lecky Road
    Route 142   From Woodstock to West Cape
    Route 143   From Route 2 to Route 148
    Route 145   From Route 12 in Alberton to Route 14
    Route 148   Barclay Road from Route 142 to Route 140
    Route 150   From Elmsdale to Alberton
    Route 152   From Alberton to Miminegash
    Route 153   From Montrose to Tignish
    Route 155   From Route 152 to Route 156
    Route 156   From Route 155 north 2.25 km
    Route 163   From Route 12 east 1.2 km
    Route 164   Lecky Road from Route 14 to Route 140
    Route 167   From Route 178 to Route 169
    Route 168   From Route 12 in Foxley River to end of the road
    Route 169   From Route 167 to Route 12
    Route 171   From Route 1A to Central Bedeque
    Route 175   Conway Road from Route 2 in Inverness east 3.0 km
    Route 177   From Wellington to Route 11
    Route 178   From Route 132 in Northam to Route 167 in Tyne Valley
    Route 210   From Montague to Victoria Cross
    Route 210   From Route 24 to 1.0 km east of Route 325
    Route 213   From Route 3 north 1.70 km
    Route 217   From Route 2 to Route 350
    Route 223   From Route 2 to Route 250
    Route 224   From Route 7 to Route 6
    Route 225   From Route 1A to Route 248
    Route 226   From Route 2 to Route 225
    Route 226   From Route 2 north 0.2 km
    Route 231   From Route 2 to Breadalbane
    Route 235   From Route 248 to Route 13
    Route 236   Lower Malpeque Road from Sleepy Hollow Road to Route 2
    Route 248   From Route 225 to York Point and Cornwall
    Route 254   From Route 2 north 1.25 km
    Route 258   From New Glasgow to Anglo Rustico
    Route 267   From Route 270 to end of pavement in Earnscliffe
    Route 268   From Route 270 north to Route 270 south
    Route 270   From Trans Canada Highway to Route 267
    Route 270   From Route 268 to McInnis Point
    Route 301   From Route 16 north 2.4 km
    Route 301   From Route 16 south 1.94 km
    Route 308   From Route 2 to Sheehan Road
    Route 311   From Route 4 to intersection of Montreal Road
    Route 312   From St. Peters to Mill Road
    Route 315   From Wood Islands to Route 4
    Route 321   From Route 2 to Martinvale
    Route 326   From Route 17 to Route 4 in Montague
    Route 340   From Route 2 to Route 310
    Brush Wharf Road From Trans Canada Highway to the wharf
    Cameron Road, New Haven From Route 1 to end of pavement
    Dalton Avenue, Tignish From Route 14 to Route 12
    Dickie Road From Industrial Drive to Trans Canada Highway
    Entrance Road From Route 226 to IWMC Compost Facility in Brookfield
    Industrial Drive From Trans Canada Highway to Dickie Road
    MacPhee Road, Brae From Route 14 to Route 140
    Old Post Road, Crapaud  
    Red Head Road, Morell From Route 2 to wharf
    Sleepy Hollow Road From Route 236 west 1.5 km
    Smallman Road From Route 142 north 1.27 km
    Upton Road From Trans Canada Highway to CPH

  3. On all roads not listed in Schedule 1 of this Notice, the maximum permissible weight on any axle or axle group is 75 percent of the maximum allowable weight on that axle or axle group as shown in the Roads Act, Vehicle Weights Regulations [EC2002-1] Schedule 4, Category 1 to 9 inclusive, with no tolerance.

    1. On all roads, the maximum permissible weight for vehicles carrying livestock, feed for livestock, milk, fish or potatoes is the axle weight as permitted under Schedule 1 of the Vehicles Weights Regulations with no tolerance.

    2. All commercial vehicles carrying livestock feed, livestock, milk, potatoes, and fish are required to use the shortest distance to and from all-weather highways. Non all-weather highways are not to be used for shortest distance and convenience during this period.

      All vehicles hauling bulk milk are required to follow a plan for their truck load routes approved by the Minister.

  4. Should extensive pavement deterioration occur on any highway, that highway may be signed with a lesser allowable weight, and when such a sign is posted on a highway, the maximum permissible weight on that highway shall be the weight shown on the sign with no tolerance.

  5. These weight restrictions will be enforced.

  6. This Notice is issued under authority of Section 54 of the Roads Act, Vehicle Weights Regulations.

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
Honourable Robert Vessey

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