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Roundabouts, or rotaries as they were once called, have been around about as long as the automobile (the first was in New York in 1905). Through the 20th century they were used to facilitate high-speed turning traffic – thus, they were large affairs, such as the rotary in Port Elgin, New Brunswick. Combined with other geometrical improvements, the modern roundabout became an immediate success with a remarkably low collision rate compared to conventional intersections. Modern roundabouts are rapidly being introduced in jurisdictions across Canada and are now being used more commonly on Prince Edward Island.


Rules of the Road for Roundabouts

Dual-Lane Roundabouts

Single-Lane Roundabouts
(Riverside Drive) (Travellers Rest)
How To Use A Dual-Lane Roundabout
How To Use A Roundabout Preview
*Roundabout Animation courtesy of Region of Waterloo. Developed By Jason Taylor, Taylored Solutions
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