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A to Z Index of Programs and Services

top    A
Accommodation Complaint Mediation
Accommodation/Campground Tourism Operator Manual
Aerospace and Defence Tax Holiday
Authentic PEI Experiences
top    B
Bioscience Tax Holiday
BookPEI/Central Reservation System
top    C
Capital Acquisition Assistance
Cattle Loan Program
Century 2000 Fund Financing
Complaint Mediation
Confederation Trail
Craft Development Program
top    D
Development and Commercialization Fund
top    E
Enriched Investment Tax Credit
Entrepreneur Loan Program
top    F
Farmland Financing Program
Finance PEI
Fisheries and Aquaculture
Fishers Low Interest Loan Program
top    G
Golf Courses (Provincial)
Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellowship
top    H
Human Resources Implementation Assistance
Human Resources Planning Assistance
top    I
Incoming Buyers Assistance - Domestic
Information Technology
Information Technology Implementation Assistance
Information Technology Planning Assistance
Innovation PEI
Innovation and Development Labour Rebate
Island Welcome Centre Program
top    L
Licensed Tourism Accommodations
Live Lobster Holding Assistance
top    M
Manufacturing and Processing
Map Stop Signage
Marketing Support Assistance
Media Contact - Tourism
Micro-Loan Program
Monthly Occupancy Reporting for Hospitality Industry Program for Occupancy (HIPO)
top    N
Non-resident Tour Operator GST/HST Refunds
top    O
On-Premise Signage
top    P
Photo Requests
Pilot and Discovery Fund
Product Development Assistance
Productivity Improvement Assistance
Professional Services Assistance
Provincial Golf Course Student Positions
Provincial Hosting Grant
Provincial Parks
Provincial Parks Student Positions
Publishing Assistance
top    Q
Quality Improvement Support
Quality Tourism Services
top    R
Regional Tourism Associations
Rental Incentive Assistance
top    S
Share Purchase Tax Credit
Signage Review
Small Business
Special Event Signage
Specialized Labour Tax Credit
Summer Student Vacation Planner
top    T
The PEI Advantage
Tourism Directional Signage System
Tourism Industry Act
Tourism Loans
Tourism PEI Funding Programs
Tourism Performance - Current Month
Tourism Performance - Year End
Trade Assistance
Trans Canada Trail Discovery Program
top    V
Visitor Information Centres
Visitor's Guide and Website Listings
top    W
Water Testing Information for Tourism Operators
Web Presence Assistance

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