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A to Z Index of Programs and Services

top    A
Accommodation/Campground Tourism Operator Manual
Aerospace and Defence Tax Holiday
top    B
Bioscience Tax Holiday
top    C
Capital Acquisition Assistance
Cattle Loan Program
Century 2000 Fund Financing
Craft Development Program
top    D
Development and Commercialization Fund
top    E
Enriched Investment Tax Credit
Entrepreneur Loan Program
top    F
Farmland Financing Program
Finance PEI
Fisheries and Aquaculture
Fishers Low Interest Loan Program
top    G
Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellowship
top    H
Human Resources Implementation Assistance
Human Resources Planning Assistance
top    I
Incoming Buyers Assistance - Domestic
Information Technology
Information Technology Implementation Assistance
Information Technology Planning Assistance
Innovation PEI
Innovation and Development Labour Rebate
top    L
Live Lobster Holding Assistance
top    M
Manufacturing and Processing
Marketing Support Assistance
Media Contact - Tourism
Micro-Loan Program
top    N
Non-resident Tour Operator GST/HST Refunds
top    P
Pilot and Discovery Fund
Product Development Assistance
Productivity Improvement Assistance
Professional Services Assistance
Publishing Assistance
top    Q
Quality Improvement Support
top    R
Rental Incentive Assistance
top    S
Share Purchase Tax Credit
Small Business
Specialized Labour Tax Credit
top    T
The PEI Advantage
Tourism Loans
Trade Assistance
top    W
Web Presence Assistance

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