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Strategy, Evaluation & Industry Investment
Chris K. Jones
Director, Strategy and Industry Investment division
Vacant Vacant
Strategy, Evaluation, and Industry Investment Admin. Support Worker

Division Functional Responsibilities

    To provide direction to the Department in the functional areas of
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Evaluation
  • Results Measurement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Policy Development
  • Partner Relations
  • Tourism Product Investment
  • Tourism Industry Act (Licensing of Tourism Accommodations)
  • Highway Signage Act
  • Francophone Tourism Investment
  • Cultural Affairs


The Division is responsible for regional tourism development and investment - working with regional tourism associations and sector groups to strengthen their capacity to develop and prosper.

The Division oversees the development and implementation of industry support programs.

The Division works with industry stakeholders to better understand the benefits tourism offers and acts as Departmental lead to plan and manage these initiatives and processes to maximize the benefits.

The Division manages the regulatory affairs of the Tourism Industry Act (license, occupancy report, water testing) and the Highway Signage Act (Tourism Directional Signage, Special Event Signage and On-Premise Signage on island heritage).

Lead liaison on intergovernmental affairs including an advocacy role to represent the interests of the tourism industry in key policy areas such as improved air access, Atlantic Gateway Initiative, labour and immigration issues, land use matters, etc.

Evaluation, Measurement and Business Intelligence Unit

This unit is responsible for the on-going monitoring of the Department’s objectives and strategies including:

  • establish corporate performance measurement tools;

  • work with the department’s senior management team to integrate performance management principles into program activity; and

  • coordinate corporate performance activity.

The unit has overall responsibility for overseeing the development of evaluation frameworks and the identification of evaluation metrics.

Product Development, Investment and Regulatory Affairs Unit, Cultural Affairs

This unit is responsible for:

The management of opportunities to grow current businesses and attract new tourism development and investment opportunities. This will involve working with all levels of government and industry stakeholders to increase awareness of the economic significance of tourism to provincial and local economies.

The development and implementation of programs designed to support the expansion of the tourism industry through development of new and enhanced “product offerings” including, but not limited to key vertical markets such as golf, culinary and culture.

The professional development of industry partners and operators through the provision and support of training initiatives to ensure the tourism industry on PEI is competitive in the global marketplace.

All regulatory functions administered under the authority of the Tourism Industry Act and Regulations and the Highway Signage Act and Regulations.

Ensure that all tourism operators are in compliance with industry standards as prescribed by legislation and regulations. Oversee the investigation of quality standard issues and maintain a close relationship with industry organizations involved with standards.

Administer and manage the provisions of the PEI Tourism Industry Act and Regulations that govern the inspection and licensing of tourism accommodation properties. The unit oversees the contract with Quality Tourism Services (QTS). On behalf of the Department, QTS is contracted to perform the inspections required for the licensing of tourist accommodations.

Administration and management of the PEI Highway Signage Act and Regulations. This includes responsibility for the management of the Province's signage program which involves public education, negotiations with municipal governments and training of staff to work effectively under the legislation and regulations. Perform the function of Registrar as set out in the PEI Highway Signage Act and Regulations.


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