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Trees and Shrubs Species Search

OVER 700 SPECIES OF trees and shrubs can cultivated hardily on Prince Edward Island. From this page you can search a database of these species by name, soil type, and preference for sun. Select one or more criteria and then click on Search when you're ready to go.

Species Name

Botanical Name: 
Enter a botanical name, or part.
For example: Quercus rubra

Common Name: 
Enter a common name, or part.
For example: Red Oak

Soil Preferences

Tolerates Wet Soil: 
Prefers Moist Soil: 
Prefers Peaty Soil: 
Prefers Well-drained Soil: 
Tolerates Drought: 
Tolerates Clay Soil: 
Prefers Sandy Soil: 
Prefers Loam Soil: 
Tolerates Infertile Soil: 
Prefers Rich Soil: 
Tolerates Compacted Soil: 

Special Conditions

Tolerates City Conditions: 
Tolerates Pollution: 
Tolerates Salt Conditions: 
Tolerates Windy Conditions: 

Sunlight Preferences

Prefers Shade: 
Prefers Part Shade: 
Prefers Full Sun: 


Borderline Hardy: