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Vital Statistics

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Historical Records

Registration records of vital events for Prince Edward Island are maintained by Vital Statistics for the following time periods:

  • Birth - 120 years
  • Stillbirth or death - 50 years
  • Marriage - 75 years

After the above time period has passed, these records may be transferred to the custody of the Provincial Archivist, in accordance with the Archives and Records Act. Under the custody of the Provincial Archivist, most of the information in these documents is accessible to the public.

The exception is 'cause of death': no registration of a stillbirth or death shall disclose the cause of death. 

Accessing Records

While the records reside at Vital Statistics they are not available for public access and only certain individuals are entitled to receive birth, stillbirth, death and marriage documents.

Vital Statistics can search for a:

  • record of birth
  • stillbirth
  • marriage
  • annulment
  • dissolution of marriage
  • death
  • change of name
  • baptism
  • burial, and
  • confirm non-marriage through a search.

NOTE: You must provide the required information for a search to occur and the results of any search requested of Vital Statistics shall only state whether the event was registered or recorded and the registration number associated with that record. Completing a search request form does not entitle you to personal information from a record nor does it provide you with a certified document related to that event. It can only confirm or deny that the event was registered or recorded in the province.


Related Links:

  • Public Archives and Records Office

    The Public Archives and Records Office acquires, preserves and makes records of the Government of Prince Edward Island available for public research. This service also extends to private sector records that are deemed to be of lasting historical value.

    The Archives also house a large collection of genealogy materials for professional and amateur researchers. These materials include:

    • Census records
    • Land records and maps prior to 1900
    • Court records
    • Community and church histories
  • Robertson Library at the University of Prince Edward Island
  • Island Newspapers

    A searchable online archive of PEI's main newspaper of record, The Guardian, from 1890 to 1957. This database was a collaborative project by UPEI's Robertson Library and The Guardian newspaper.
  • Island Archives

    A collection of digital resources compiled by Robertson Library's Island Archives Centre at UPEI.
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