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Vital Statistics

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Birth Registration and Certificates

What is the difference between a birth registration and a birth certificate?

When you give birth in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital or Prince County Hospital, a record of the birth will be made with details about:

  • date and place of birth,

  • weight of the child,

  • child's given names and surname, and

  • parents' full names, birthplace and birth date.

This information is recorded and signed by the parent(s) and hospital staff who then send this permanent, legal record of birth to Vital Statistics. This document is called the birth registration

The birth certificate is the official document that contains information from the birth registration. The certificate can be obtained after the birth registration has been processed and registered by Vital Statistics.

How do I apply for a birth certificate for my newborn baby?

Typically, information about the birth of a child is recorded by hospital staff after the baby is born.  After the birth particulars are provided you will be required to complete and sign this form. Signing this form confirms that you have provided and reviewed all of the information and agree that the information is accurate and true. Hospital staff then sign the form declaring all of the information is accurate and correct and will forward it to Vital Statistics where the birth will be registered. Apply for a birth certificate

What is a Certificate and a 'Certified True Copy of a Registration Document'?

A certificate is an extract of information which was originally recorded at the time of the event (birth, marriage, death) and is printed onto secure certificate stock.

A certified true copy of a registration document is a copy of the record which is printed on secure stock.

How is a stillbirth registered?

If you have experienced a stillbirth at the Queen Elizabeth or Prince County Hospital, you will be provided with a Stillbirth Registration form. Hospital staff will complete the medical and birth particulars and you will be asked to provide parent information and sign the form. Once the form is completed in full designated hospital staff sign the form and forwards it to the Vital Statistics Office for registration.

A Stillbirth Certificate is not available but you may request a certified copy of the stillbirth registration by contacting the Vital Statistics Office.

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