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Birth Registration Amendment

There are only two ways you can make changes to the official registration of birth document (excluding requirements for a legal change of name):

  1. Through an amendment; or

  2. Through an alteration or addition to a given name.

1. What qualifies as an amendment to a birth registration?

If the birth registration form is completed and signed by only one parent of the child, or by someone who is not a parent of the child, a Statutory Declaration must accompany the birth registration.

A Statutory Declaration allows the mother, father or other person completing the birth registration form to state the reason the registration form is missing information or cannot be provided (e.g. the father is unacknowledged or unknown, the father is absent-working outside the province, etc).

Without a signed Statutory Declaration at the time of registration, an amendment at a later date cannot occur (except in the case of delayed birth registrations).  

Who can apply for a birth registration amendment?

Based on the information given at the time of your child's birth (on the birth registration and/or provided through a Statutory Declaration), the birth registration form can be amended if one of the following persons applies for the change:

  • the child's parents together,

  • one of the child's parents, if the other parent is incapable, or

  • the child's mother, if the other parent is unacknowledged by or unknown to the mother.

What if only one parent is present or capable?

If only one of the named parents from the registration of birth applies to change or amend a birth registration, a statement must be attached to the application that outlines the facts (e.g why the other parent is not present or capable) and justifies the change request.

A Statutory Declaration supporting the facts presented must also be declared and signed by the person making the change request.

2. Changing a child's given name (recorded within 10 years of birth)

If your child's given name changed after it was registered or if the child was registered without a given name, you may apply to alter or add given names to the birth registration upon payment of the associated fee. 

What is required to change a child's given name?

You must provide evidence that the given name was altered and recorded as such, after the registration of birth.  The following documents may be accepted as evidence to support the alteration or addition of a given name on the birth registration: 

  • a baptismal record or similar church record,

  • a Statistics Canada census document,

  • an immunization record or similar public health record,

  • a record of school registration, or

  • other documents the Director of Vital Statistics considers reliable.

The above evidence must also confirm the following:

  • the name was recorded prior to the person reaching the age of 10 years; and 

  • it must pertain to the person whose given name is to be altered.   

Will these changes be reflected on the birth certificate?

Any birth certificate issued after an amendment or addition/alteration process is complete, will reflect the new changes (parent information or given names).  However, the cost of an amendment or addition/ alteration does not include the cost of a new certificate. You may apply for a new birth certificate. Additional fees will apply.


Amend or Alter a PEI Statement of Birth Application

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