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Vital Statistics

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Online Services

NOTE: Read through the instructions below before you begin the online service. Certificate(s) can only be issued if the information provided agrees with our records and the event has been registered by PEI Vital Statistics.

What can I use this service for?

The PEI Vital Statistics Online Ordering Services allows you to complete and submit applications for:

Can I order certificates for events that took place off PEI?

No, you can only order certificates for events that took place in PEI. For example, if you were born in PEI but married in Nova Scotia, you can use this service to apply for your PEI birth certificate but you must apply to Nova Scotia Vital Statistics to obtain your marriage certificate.

What do I need to know about Third Party Consent?

Applications involving third party consent cannot be completed online. These must be completed in person, by fax, or email, and must contain appropriate signatures and identification required at time of request.

What kind of browser can I use?

This online service is officially supported using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Please ensure you have the latest security updates on your computer for optimal efficiency.

Instructions Before You Begin

Please take a few moments to learn more about how this online service works.  When you are ready to place an order,  click the "START NOW" button located at the bottom of the page. 

Please make sure you complete, in full, all of the fields required to obtain a certificate.

  • If YOU are sitting at the computer reading this information and will use the online ordering system than YOU ARE THE APPLICANT ordering a certificate (your certificate or your child's) and it is your information that needs to be provided on the first page (right after you click START NOW). As a parent, you must include your full given names (first and middle) on the applicant page.  You will be asked this same information on the certificate page.  The two MUST MATCH.  Make sure all of the information is provided. 
  • The Certificate page requires information about the person who is on the certificate you are requesting/applying for.  Please make sure you complete ALL OF THE FIELDS in the online application. Where applicable, include full names: the first and middle names of the person named in the certificate; AND first and middle names of parent(s), and each parent(s) place of birth.
  • If you are legally adopted and wish to access your birth certificate, please make sure you put your full adopted name and adoptive parents' names in the appropriate fields.
  • If you have had a legal change of name, please make sure you list your new legal name and not that which was originally given to you at the time of birth.  Your birth and marriage certificate would now have your new legal name on it, if these events occurred in PEI.
  • Registration records of vital events for Prince Edward Island are maintained by Vital Statistics for the following time periods:  Birth - 120 years;  Stillbirth or Death - 50 years; and Marriage - 75 years.  After the above time period has passed, these records may be transferred to the custody of the Provincial Archivist, in accordance with the Archives and Records Act, and accessible to the public.
  • Your order must be completed in one session.
  • Partially completed orders cannot be saved for later use.
  • Multiple certificates may be requested in one order.
  • If ordering multiple birth certificates, the maximum number you can order for each individual is one standard and one detailed birth certificate.
  • If ordering multiple marriage and death certificates, the maximum number you can order is 10 (per individual(s) listed on certificate).
  • All certificates requested in the order will be included in one delivery (you pay only one courier fee).
  • If you chose RUSH service, this fee is applied to each certificate you order.
  • Orders will be sent to one delivery address: the applicant/requestor.
  • Refunds are not provided once an application is submitted for service.  If it is determined that you do not meet eligibility requirements or you chose to cancel your application or a service at a later date, the original fee will not be refunded.
  • Do not call Vital Statistics to check on the status of your order.  Please use the link you will be given, through email, to check on its status.     
  • If you lose your pdf receipt, you can email the Vital Statistics Office (  or call toll free (1-877-320-1253) and request a copy be resent to you.  Verification will be required.
  • Please use your Order ID Number (sent to you after your order is submitted) in all communications with Vital Statistics.

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