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Aerial view of eastern PEI

Information about Water Act consultation -
Spring 2017
is now available at:

Prince Edward Island is the only province in Canada that is completely dependent on groundwater for its source of drinking water. The protection of water is a fundamental responsibility of government. The goal of the proposed Water Act will be to protect the quality and quantity of the Island's water and ensure that our water supply is healthy and sustainable now and into the future.

More than any other province, our economic success depends on healthy soil, clean air and water, healthy and diverse ecosystems. The Task Force on Land Use Policy consulted Islanders in 2013 and developed statements of provincial interest relating to the protection of the quality and quantity of our water. It has also studied how the public might be engaged in any subsequent discussion. Witnesses appearing before the Legislative Standing Committee on Agriculture, Environment, Energy and Forestry called for a review of water policy in its broadest scope. The committee recommended "a thorough review of the scientific basis for our water policies be undertaken as part of the development of the Water Act."

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