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Water Resource Materials

General Resource Material (Educational)

* A Water Act Backgrounder (September 2015)
* Video: How Rivers Work - The Role of Groundwater
* Water on Prince Edward Island: Understanding the Resource, Knowing the Issues
* We are all downstream.  We are all upstream. We are all part of a watershed (April 2007)
* A Guide to Watershed Planning on Prince Edward Island
* State of the Environment Report (2003)
* State of the Environment Report (2010)
* Saltwater Intrusion and Climate Change: A Primer for Local and Provincial Decision-makers

General Resource Material (Policies)

* Legislative Standing Committee
* PEI Water Extraction Policy
* PEI Water Extraction Policy - (including background information)
* Task Force on Land Use Policy

General Resource Material (Reports)

* Report of the Action Committee for Sustainable Land Management (November 2012)
* Report of the Commission on Nitrates in Groundwater (June 2008)
* Clear from the ground to the glass

Technical Information


* PEI Water Quality Interpretive Report (1999)

Climate change and water quality technical reports

* Managing Groundwater Resources: Assessing the impact of climate change on saltwater intrusion of   coastal aquifers in Atlantic Canada
* Consequences of climatic changes on contamination of drinking water by nitrate on Prince Edward Island

Groundwater (General)

Book chapters and peer-reviewed literature

* Canadian Groundwater Inventory: Regional hydrogeological characterization of the south-central part of the Maritimes Basin (2008)
* Salt-water intrusion in Prince Edward Island (1969)
* Salt water intrusion in the Summerside area, PEI (1973)
* Preliminary results from the water isotope characterization of groundwater, surface water and precipitation in the Wilmot River Watershed, Prince Edward Island (2005)

Technical reports 

* Groundwater resources assessment in the Carboniferous Maritimes Basin: Preliminary results of the hydrogeological characterization, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (2002)

* Hydrogeology of the Winter River Basin (1989)

Conference proceedings

* Estimation of Groundwater Residence Times in the Wilmot River Watershed on Prince Edward Island - Implications for Nutrient Reduction (2007)
* Application of Numerical Modeling to Groundwater Assessment and Management in Prince Edward Island (2004)

Surface Water (Fresh) (Water Quality)

Technical reports

* Prince Edward Island - Fish Kill Reports
* A Comparison of Two Laboratory Methods for Determining Sediment (January 1999)

Surface Water (Estuaries) (Water Quality)

Technical reports

* Prince Edward Island Estuarine Water Quality Monitoring Program (January 1999)
* Mill River Estuary Modeling Study
* A Summary of the Mill River Modeling Study
* PEI Benthic Survey (January 1998)
* Tidal Surveys in Rustico Bay, Prince Edward Island (2009 and 2011)
* 2011 Sea Lettuce Harvest Pilot
* 2011 Sea Lettuce Harvest Pilot Project Report, Appendix A: Site Selection Matrix
* The Effect of Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca) Mats on Sediment Quality (January 1999)

Nitrogen and Nitrates (Water Quality)

Book chapters and peer reviewed literature

* Modeling land-based nitrogen loads from groundwater-dominated agricultural watersheds to estuaries to inform nutrient reduction planning (2015)
* Shorter Fries? An alternative policy to support a reduction of nitrogen contamination from agricultural crop production (2015)
* Nitrogen Loading Criteria for Estuaries in Prince Edward Island (2014)
* Site Specific Guidelines for Phosphorous in Relation to the Water Quality Index Calculations for Prince Edward Island
* Winter nitrification contributes to excess NO3 in groundwater of an agricultural region (2007)
* Nitrate isotopes unveil distinct seasonal N-sources and the critical role of crop residues in groundwater contamination (2009)
* Considerations for the mitigation of nitrate contamination: stable isotopes and insights into the importance of soil processes (2011)
* Long-term simulations of nitrate leaching from potato production systems in Prince Edward Island, Canada (2011)
* Effects of Fall vs. Spring Plowing Forages on Nitrate Leaching Losses to Groundwater (2014)
* Modeling effects of nitrate from non-point sources on groundwater quality in an agricultural watershed in Prince Edward Island, Canada
* Temporal analysis of groundwater nitrate concentrations from well in Prince Edward Island, Canada: application of a linear mixed effects model (2007)
* Spatial Analysis of Land Use Impact on Ground Water Nitrate Concentrations

Conference proceedings

* Watershed Evaluation of Beneficial Management Practices (WB's) in the Souris River Watershed, Prince Edward Island: Site Hydrology (2011)
* Dynamics of nitrate transfer from agricultural soils to aquifers inferred from stable isotopes (2008)
* Mass Balance Calculations to Estimate Nitrate Proportions from Various Sources in the Agricultural Wilmot Watershed of Prince Edward Island (2007)
* Evolution of Groundwater Nitrate Concentrations under Various Climate Change Scanarios for Prince Edward Island, Canada (2007)

Technical reports

* Investigation of Nitrogen Cycling in Agricultural Settings of PEI Using Stable Isotopes of Nitrate (2010)

Water Extraction (Water Quantity)

Peer review of water assessment methodology

* Review of Groundwater Assessment Methodology (Province of Prince Edward Island) - Dr. KTB MacQuarrie (University of New Brunswick), Director, Graduate Program (Civil Engineering), Professor of Civil Engineering Science, Director, Canadian Rivers Institute

Technical reports

* Planning and Managing for Surface Water Extraction on PEI (2009)
* The Potential Impacts of Surface Water Withdrawal on Stream Ecosystmes of Prince Edward Island: Phase 1 (2004-2005)
* Understanding the Potential Impacts of Surface Water Abstractions on Stream Ecosystems of Prince Edward Island: Final Report on the Abstraction Experiments of 2006 and 2007

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