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March 10, 2015
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New used oil recycling program effective April 1

Environment, Labour and Justice

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Prince Edward Island will soon implement a Used Oil & Glycol Recycling Program, under the Materials Stewardship and Recycling Regulations of the PEI Environmental Protection Act, says Minister of Environment, Labour and Justice and Attorney General Janice Sherry.

“Effective waste reduction and waste management is important to all Islanders. Government is pleased to see the oil and glycol products industry assume a leadership role in the shared responsibility for the collection and recycling of used oil, glycol and containers,” said Minister Sherry.

The P.E.I. program will be fully funded and operated by the oil and glycol products industry and is designed to ensure the proper end-of-life management of waste oils/glycol (antifreeze) products so that they don’t contribute to the contamination of our land and water supply. More than 1,500,000 litres of used oil are generated each year in P.E.I., along with more than 150,000 litres of glycol and hundreds of thousands of empty containers that can be diverted from our waste system and made into a variety of new products.

The recycling program in P.E.I. will be similar to oil product stewardship programs operating in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Used oil and glycol products can be processed for reuse, diverting these materials from our waste stream and saving valuable natural resources. The metal in used filters can be reused indefinitely and the plastic containers can be cleaned, flaked and reprocessed for a variety of commercial uses.

“Our industry partners have been recycling oil and glycol products across Canada for many years and are now pleased to offer these services to the people of Prince Edward Island,” said SOGHUOMA General Manager Gilles Goddard.

In response to the Province’s Materials Stewardship and Recycling Regulations, the industry group SOGHUOMA Atlantic has submitted a stewardship plan to Prince Edward Island’s Minister of Environment that will launch on April 1, 2015. SOGHUOMA is an industry funded and operated organization that will be responsible to ensure the management of the recovery and recycling of used oils, glycol, filters, aerosol lubricants/break cleaner and associated plastic containers.

Used oil, glycol, filters and oil/glycol containers are a significant source of waste, with as little as 1 litre of used oil capable of contaminating one million litres of water. This industry operated Canada-wide program has been successful in diverting large amounts of liquid and solid waste, that will now be recycled as raw materials for other industries.

SOGHUOMA is currently working with industry partners to establish a network of automotive service centres where Islanders will soon be able to drop off their used oils, glycol, filters and container at no charge. For more information, visit the industry website at and click the P.E.I. image on the map of Atlantic Canada.

Media Contact: Amber Nicholson
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