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March 31, 2015
For immediate release

Premier MacLauchlan forecasts changes in government departments

Premier's Office

Premier Wade MacLauchlan met today with provincial deputy ministers to indicate planned changes in the organization of departments and senior leadership assignments.

The new departmental arrangements will mean an improved combination of program areas and alignment with strategic priorities.

“The objective of these changes is to better serve Prince Edward Islanders,” said MacLauchlan.

The changes include:

- A department responsible for communities, land and environment;

- A department responsible for workforce and advanced learning;

- The current department of innovation and advanced learning will be responsible for economic development.

- The current department of environment, labour and justice will be responsible for justice and public safety.

- Ministerial responsibility for energy will move from finance to transportation and infrastructure renewal.

These changes would be implemented with the formation of a cabinet following an election. They do not entail an increase in the number of government departments.

MacLauchlan asked deputy ministers to review all issues that would need to be addressed to carry out the changes.

He also indicated the expected assignment of deputy ministers to the new departments:

- Steve MacLean, who is currently clerk of executive council, will serve as deputy minister of communities, land and environment;

- Brian Douglas, who is currently deputy minister of transportation and infrastructure renewal, will serve as clerk of executive council;

- Alexander "Sandy" MacDonald, who is currently deputy minister of education and early childhood development, will serve as deputy minister of workforce and advanced learning;

- John MacQuarrie, who is currently deputy minister of agriculture and forestry, will serve as deputy minister of transportation, infrastructure renewal and energy.

- Michelle Dorsey, who is currently deputy minister of environment, labour and justice, will serve as deputy minister of justice and public safety.

- Neil Stewart, who is currently deputy minister of innovation and advanced learning, will serve as deputy minister of economic development.

“These deputy minister assignments reflect the talent and extensive professional experience of the senior leadership team within government,” said MacLauchlan. “In my role as Premier, as well as in my work as Minister of Finance and Chair of Treasury Board, I have been impressed by the professionalism and dedication of senior officials and throughout the public service. By forecasting these departmental changes and assignments at this time, there will be a unique opportunity during the election writ period for senior officials to refine and prepare for all aspects of the transition."

MacLauchlan also announced that Brooke MacMillan’s appointment as CEO of the PEI Liquor Control Commission has been rescinded, effective March 31. Andrew MacMillan, who is currently ‎Director of Marketing and Retail Operations, has been named acting CEO.

Media Contact: Mary Moszynski
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