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September 21, 2016
For immediate release

Statement by Premier Wade MacLauchlan, Minister of Justice and Public Safety

Premier's Office

I join Islanders in expressing relief and gratitude that all students and staff are safe following today’s events.

We are thankful to our policing bodies for their efforts, led by the RCMP, in assessing the potential threat, immediately alerting the school system, and for their effective and coordinated response. The collaboration of provincial, national and international public safety partners is a reminder of the security we enjoy as a province and a nation.

The Public Schools Branch, French Language School Board, Principals, teachers, all educators, school staff and bus drivers are to be commended for their professional and swift action that ensured all students were calmly evacuated and safely transported home. Islanders who work in education play a critical role in the lives of Island children that reaches beyond the classroom, and that dedication was clearly displayed today.

Parents, family members and all Islanders are to be thanked for their patience as events unfolded and for extending offers of assistance to their neighbours and friends.

We can be thankful that this is the first time Prince Edward Island has gone through such an event. The response to the potential threat reflected the seriousness of the situation. Evacuation and safety plans were promptly and professionally followed.

Fortunately the threat was found to be not credible. While we hope that an event like this won’t occur in our province, Government, together with others who responded today, will look at what can be learned from today’s events as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure effective procedures and protocols are in place for the safety of our students and all Islanders.

In the coming days, Islanders will undoubtedly reflect on the confidence and sense of security that we enjoy as a community. For all of us, the uppermost concern must be for the welfare and safety of our students, including their confidence and security as we move forward from today’s events.

Media Contact: Mary Moszynski
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