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March 8, 2000
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Province Provides Financial And In-Kind Supports For Jamboree

Provincial Treasury

The presentation of a $250,000 cheque to organizers of the 10th Scouts Canada Jamboree (CJ'01) signals the next step in the planning for next year's event.

Ministers Pat Mella and Mitch Murphy presented a cheque today to Mr. Lorne Moase, Chairman of the CJ'01 Planning Committee.

"The government believes the Jamboree is an outstanding, community-driven program that gives unique opportunities to youth. Once again, through the efforts of countless volunteers combined with government support, the Jamboree will bring young people from around the world to visit Prince Edward Island," says Provincial Treasurer Pat Mella.

CJ'01's national planning committee is projecting 12,000 scouts, venturers, leaders and adult volunteers will visit PEI from across Canada and from numerous countries worldwide. Former Deputy Minister and educator Lorne Moase serves as chairman of the national planning committee, which is supported by numerous sub-committees. In the spirit of the scouting movement, Mr. Moase and the event organizers will be assisted by 2,000 volunteers.

"The provincial government is working across departmental lines to support the Jamboree and the goals embodied by the scouting programs," says Mitch Murphy, Minister of Technology and Environment. "Numerous departments are working together to provide financial support, and provide direct or in-kind services. Whether it involves site preparations, school bus transportation, health care or access to the park, each government department is investing staffs' skills and time to ensure another successful Jamboree in PEI."

Lorne Moase, Chairman of the National Planning Committee, says many Islanders are now involved in preparing plans for a tented city that will become a brief home for some 10,000 to 12,000 youth and adults from all provinces, the United States and several foreign countries. Work on site preparations will begin this summer for next year.

Mr. Moase, on behalf of the Planning Committee, expressed thanks to the provincial government and staff for the excellent support and co-operation they have given to the Jamboree. "The province's financial support, and offer of in-kind services, will help the Planning Committee to keep the cost for scouts and their leaders at an affordable level and at the same time assist us to live up to our scouting motto be fully prepared to welcome youth from around the world to PEI," said Moase.

The 2001 Canadian and Venturer Jamboree will be held at Cabot Provincial Park, north of Kensington, July 6-14, 2001. This will be the third Canadian jamboree held on PEI and the second at Cabot Provincial Park.

For more information contact: Bob Ramsay, Manager, Human Resources, Provincial Treasury, (902) 368-5809; Mitch Murphy, Minister of Technology and Environment, (902) 368-4863; Lorne Moase, Chairman, CJ'01 Planing Committee, (902) 569-3082

Media Contact: Island Information Service
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