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October 22, 2003
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Islanders Bring Home Awards From Maritime Fall Fair

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A beautiful autumn weekend provided the backdrop as Prince Edward Island beef producers took their show herds to the Maritime Fall Fair in Halifax recently to compete for top honours and enhance their status as some of the best herds in the region. The judge for this year's beef show was Hugh Ross, an Angus and Charolais breeder, from Innisfail, Alberta, and he awarded the Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor banners in four of the five breeds shown to Island herds.

In the Simmental Breed, Spud Island Farms of York Point, Prince Edward Island walked away with both the Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor awards. Leading the way was their yearling heifer SPUD ISLAND MISS BLACK 41M who took the Junior Champion and Grand Champion Female rosette. As well, the heifer calf SPUD ISLAND NORMA 45N took the Reserve Junior Champion Female spot. They added to their red ribbon tally with the Breeders Herd and Get of Sire sections.

Frey Lawny Farms, Meadowbank, Prince Edward Island stepped up to claim the Reserve Grand Champion Female award with FREY LAWNY JULIE 7J.

Following are the results:


Bull calf: 1. Spud Island No Time 129N, Spud Island Farms; 2. Frey Lawny Nightrider 26N, Frey Lawny Farms; 3. Spud Island Norman 46N, Spud Island Farms; 5. Frey Lawny Nightmare 11N, Frey Lawny Farms

Heifer Calf (1st split): 1. Spud Island Norma 45N, Spud Island Farms; 2. Spud Island Norma Jean 79N, Spud Island Farms; 3. Gentec Naomi, Frey Lawny Farms

Heifer Calf (2nd split): 4. Spud Island Nancy 128 N, Spud Island Farms; 5. Spud Island Best Lady 143 N, Spud Island Farms

Yearling Heifer (1st split): 1. Frey Lawny Mia 2M, Frey Lawny Farms; 4. Spud Island Miss Red 48M, Spud Island Farms

Yearling Heifer (2nd split): 1. Spud Island Miss Black 41M, Spud Island Farms

Mature Female: 1. Frey Lawny Julie 7J, Frey Lawny Farms

Breeders Herd: 1. Spud Island Farms; 2. Frey Lawny Farms

Get of Sire: 1. Spud Island Farms


Marvin Peters, Springfield, had an excellent run at the top Fair prizes when he brought home the Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor. Spruce Brook Farm, North Wiltshire took home the hardware with their yearling heifer SPRUCE BROOK MAYFLOWER 118M by gathering up the Junior Champion and Grand Champion Female.

Yearling Bull: 1. Cloverdale Final Answer 2N, Marvin Peters

Heifer Calf: 2. Cloverdale Knoty Beth 1N, Marvin Peters; 4. Cloverdale J.V.'s Vicky 3N, Marvin Peters; 6. Cloverdale Cowgirl Vicxon 2N, Marvin Peters

Yearling Heifer: 1. Spruce Brook Mayflower 118 M, Spruce Brook Farm; 2. D & L Magnolia 130M, D & L Shorthorns

Two Year Old Female: 1. Cloverdale Cowgirl Nancy 4L, Marvin Peters

Mature Female: 1. Cloverdale J.V. Explosion 1G, Marvin Peters

Breeders Herd: 2. Marvin Peters


It was the JEM herd of Ernie and Joanne Mutch of Earnscliffe that grabbed the Premier Breeder and Exhibitor awards in the Angus breed. JEM CLASSY LADY 8 K was pulled out as the Grand Champion Female while ROYAL PRIDE DOLLY 64M got the nod for Reserve Junior Champion Female for Boyd and Mack Dixon of Clyde River. In total, four herds from Prince Edward Island exhibited entries in the Angus Breed. Worth-A-Bit Angus from Tryon and Richard Palmer Cable Head rounded out the competition.

Bull Calf: 3. JEM Ultravox 5N, JEM Farms

Heifer Calf: 2. JEM Classy Lady 12 N, JEM Farms;

4. JEM Classy Lady 20 N, JEM Farms

Yearling Heifer (1st split): 1. Bannockburn Valley Rose 2M, Boyd & Mack Dixon; 2. JEM Classy Lady 15 M, JEM Farms; 3. Hidden Annie K 178M, Worth-A-Bit Angus; 5. Cable Head Missy 1M, Richard Palmer

Yearling Heifer (2nd split): 1. Royal Pride Dolly 64M, Boyd & Mack Dixon

Two Year Old Female: 2. JEM Classy Lady 23 L, JEM Farms

Mature Female: 1. JEM Classy Lady 8 K, JEM Farms

Breeders Herd: JEM Farms


Three Island herds took part in the Charolais Show at the Maritime Fall Fair. In the end, Wayne and Jessie Crosby, New Haven finished owning the Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor titles. Their bull calf CROSBY'S NIGEL 303N paraded off with the Grand Champion Bull ribbon while LADY FANE THE HULK 12N beat out the others for Reserve Champion bull for David Francis, Lady Fane. The McKenna Family of Pleasant Valley excelled to take the Grand Champion Female with WESTDALE KATHRIN PLD 1K. CROSBY'S PRIME LASS 302N claimed the Junior Champion Female and Reserve Grand Female awards.

Bull Calf: 1. Crosby's Nigel 303N, Wayne & Jessie Crosby: 2. Lady Fane the Hulk 12N, David Francis; 3. Lady Fane Keep Your Cool 11N, David Francis; 4. Charhaven Napoleon 350N, W & J Crosby; 5. Charhaven Olen Nolen, W & J Crosby

Heifer Calf (1st split): 1. Crosby's Prime Lass 302N, W & J Crosby; 2. Crosby's Westdale Kath 399N, The McKenna Family; 4. Crosby's Nuala's Charm 308N, W & J Crosby; 5. Lady Fane White Rose 8N, David Francis; 7. Lady Fane Nice & Easy 3 N, David Francis

Heifer Calf (2nd split): 1. Crosby's Ms. Neva 317 N, W & J Crosby; 4. Crosby's Ms. Nina 319N, W & J Crosby; 6. Lady Fane Hot Shot 13N, David Francis

Yearling Heifer: 2. Beach Valley Wildthing 1M, W & J Crosby; 3. Charhaven Lady Mac 334M, W & J Crosby

Two Year Old Female: 1. Lady Fane Nockout 2L, David Francis

Mature Female: 1. Westdale Kathrin PLD 1K, The McKenna Family; 2. Crosby's Ms. Juliet 4J, W & J Crosby

Breeder's Herd: 1. W & J Crosby; 2. David Francis

Get of Sire: 1. David Francis


The Fulton Sanderson and Sons herd of York Point dominated the champion awards in the Hereford classes. Their yearling bull TOBERMORY MR. HEADLINER 92M gleaned Grand Champion Male while their bull calf TOBERMORY HEADLINER 160N was named Reserve Champion Male. They also pocketed the Grand Champion Female rosette with the mature cow CHB CROW HARBOUR ALL HEART 10H.

Bull Calf: 1. Tobermory Headliner 160N, Fulton Sanderson & Sons

Yearling Bull: 1. Tobermory Mr. Headliner 92M, Fulton Sanderson & Sons

Yearling Heifer: 4. Grosvenor Honey 1G 250, DMR Herefords

Mature Female: 1. CHB Crow Harbour All Heart 10H, Fulton Sanderson & Sons

New this year was the selection of a Supreme Male and Supreme Female of the Beef Show. Fulton Sanderson and Son's Hereford bull TOBERMORY MR. HEADLLINER 92M was named SUPREME MALE, while the Aberdeen Angus entry JEM CLASSY LADY 8K of JEM Farms was selected SUPREME CHAMPION FEMALE.


In the commercial classes the Grand Champion Steer was PALMER JAY owned by JEM Farms. Reserve Champion Steer went to LADY FANE FIRST-TIME-AROUND exhibited by David Francis. The Grand Champion Female Commercial entry JEM Ms. HIGH HEAT was shown by JEM Farms.

Heifer Calf: 3. Kingswick Lady in Red, Allan Holmes; 8. Bannockburn Valley Nell, Boyd & Mack Dixon

Yearling Heifer: 1. JEM Ms. High Heat, JEM Farms;

2. Obanbrae Red Thunder, Kurt Duncan; 5. Black Angel, Marvin Peters

Mature Female: 2. Bannockburn Valley Harmony, Boyd & Mack Dixon

Media Contact: Daphne Crosby
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