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November 18, 2003
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Farmers Helping Farmers Prepare for Annual Fundraiser

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Following the successful completion of their last project in Kenya, the Island organization "Farmers Helping Farmers" is focusing on their next project. This project involves the further development of the small farming operations that local volunteers have already been working with. "We have been extremely pleased with the community support that we have received from Prince Edward Islanders," said Farmers Helping Farmers Coordinator, Teresa Mellish. "Together we have raised enough money to purchase 60 water tanks for farm families of the Muchui Women's Group. We are now working towards providing them with financial stability by helping them to develop a tree seedling business."

The goal is to financially support a tree seedling project for the families with the water tanks, so that they can earn some extra, much-needed cash. There is both a strong demand and government support in Kenya for planting trees to be used for lumber, fruit, shelter and firewood. Now that the members of the Muchui Women's Group have access to water from their tanks, a portion of it can be used to water the seedlings and sell them once they are strong enough to be transplanted. Farmers Helping Farmers is currently raising funds to purchase equipment and supplies to start the nurseries. They are also providing resources to teach the women to grow the seedlings in an efficient manner and develop a business plan for the marketing of their trees.

The Annual Farmers Helping Farmers Old-Time Christmas Concert, one of the main fundraisers for the organization, will be on November 29 at Le Carrefour de l'Isle Saint-Jean, Charlottetown, beginning at 7:30 p.m. It will feature a Tribute to Mickey Place with The Venerables, and will also feature several special guests including Brandon, Brittany and Janelle Banks, Nathan Condon, the Seagals and many more. In true Christmas spirit, Teresa Doyle and her Celtic singing group, "The Boys and Girls of Bedlamb," will not only be performing, but also selling their CD at the concert, with the proceeds going to Farmers Helping Farmers. Fudge, mulled cider and African crafts will also be on sale.

If you are looking for a unique gift for that special person or a great idea for an office Christmas donation, Farmers Helping Farmers invites Islander's to sponsor a complete tree seedling nursery for a farm family within the Muchui Women's Group. The cost of $150 will include seeds and other supplies, equipment to water and protect the nursery, the training, and a sponsorship sign on the nursery. As sponsors, you will receive a photograph of the African family in appreciation for your contribution. Sponsorship certificates will also be available at the Christmas Concert or by contacting a Farmers Helping Farmers member.

Tickets for the Christmas concert are available at Tweel's Gift Shop, Doiron's Christmas Store, Timothy's Coffee Shop, Southport Pharmacy, Sherwood Drug Mart, Cornwall Pharmacy, Vesey's Seeds or by calling Noreen Shaw at 672-2216. Tickets cost $12 for adults and $5 for children. The Canadian International Development Agency contributes two dollars for every dollar Farmers Helping Farmers raises to support projects. For more information on their current projects, please visit their Web site at

Media Contact: Daphne Crosby
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