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November 18, 2003
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Holsteins at the Royal

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Brian Craswell, South Rustico did not overlook exhibits from Prince Edward Island when he judged the prestigious Holstein Show at the 2003 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. He liked the entries well enough to place them well up in a number of heavily filled classes.

The animals he awarded top billing to included BERNADALE GIBSON GABRIELLE, a Summer Yearling Female owned by Bernadale Farm Inc., Richmond, Prince Edward Island, which he pulled into second place.

He gave another high ranking second to IDEE JOLT LIZA, a Junior 2 Year Old female exhibited by Idee Holsteins, South Rustico, Prince Edward Island.

Landing a third prize ribbon was LEWISDALE JOURNALIST OLI for Bernadale Holstein, Lexis Holsteins, Freetown, Prince Edward Island in the Senior Yearling Female section. This was followed closely with a sixth placing for Lexis Holsteins in the 5 Year Old female section with MAURICIENNE RUDOLPH NIKE.

Following are the results:

Class 3 - Female, Senior Calf (28 entries)

9th, Bernadale Leduc Candy, Bernadale Holstein, Lexis Holsteins

Class 4 - Female, Summer Yearling (22 entries)

2nd, Bernadale Gibson Gabrielle, Bernadale Farm Inc., Richmond; 8th, Bergeroy Dalina Igniter, Lexis Holsteins, Freetown; 12th, Weeksdale Lee Emma, Elmer Weeks, Hunter River

Class 5 - Female, Junior Yearling (22 entries)

7th, Peterton Igniter Blanche, David R. Dyment, Lexis Holsteins, Ernest William Kueffner

Class 7 - Female, Sr. Yearling (14 entries)

3rd, Lewisdale Journalist Oli, Bernadale Holstein, Lexis Holsteins; 8th, Sudview Astre Mickie, Larry Bennett, Lexis Holsteins

Class 10 - Female, Jr. 2 Year Old (24 entries)

2nd, Idee Jolt Liza, Idee Holsteins, South Rustico

Class 13 - Female, Sr. 3 Year Old (16 entries)

7th, Idee Astre Extra, Idee Holsteins

Class 14 - Female, 4 Year Old (20 entries)

7th, Mullbeinne Cameron, Bernadale Farm Inc.

Class 15 - Female, 5 Year Old (15 entries)

6th, Mauricienne Rudolph Nike, Lexis Holsteins

Media Contact: Wayne MacKinnon
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