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March 2, 2004
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Three Rivers Roma Group Receives Support

Development and Technology

The group that is working on the expansion of the Three Rivers Roma site has received support from the provincial government – including a lease on a piece of property with a commercial value of over $1 million. The community group has embarked on a project to add nature trails to the 100-acre area as well as expanding the historic interpretation at the site. Acquisition of the property was necessary to the group’s plan to make the site a more full, realized tourist attraction.

The area is home to the first commercial enterprise on Prince Edward Island; Jean Pierrre Roma established the Compaigne de l’Est de l’Isle St. Jean at what was known in 1732 as the community of Trois Rivieres. The site was excavated from 1968 until 1971, revealing the remains of eight buildings associated with the Roma settlement.

Three Rivers Roma Inc. will bring this history to life. They will also add parking, washrooms and a cooking shelter for visitors to the area. The group will also undertake repairs to the shoreline, which was extensively damaged during Hurricane Juan in September.

“The people who are involved with the project have devoted a great deal of work and time to making this development a reality,” said Montague Kilmuir MLA Jim Bagnall, on behalf of Mike Currie, Minister of Development and Technology. “They have seen the potential of this site and have put a tremendous amount of effort into something that will benefit the whole community by attracting more tourists and providing opportunity for economic spin-offs.”

Three Rivers Roma Inc., a not-for-profit organization established by interested members of the community to preserve and promote the historical, natural and archaeological integrity of the site, will manage the project. Earlier this year, a study to prepare the design and business plan in order to develop the park was carried out by the group.

The provincial Department of Transportation and Public Works is leasing the group 100 acres of land for the project. The land includes extensive river front and has a commercial value of over $1 million. The Department of Development and Technology will contribute $95,416 and the provincial Community Development Fund will contribute $50,000. Three Rivers Roma Inc. will contribute $10,000.

Media Contact: Ann Thurlow
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