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April 20, 2004
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Employment Transition Program Update

Development and Technology

A number of people who have been interviewed for the transitional work program in West Prince have already found other jobs. The program was set up to help people who were left without employment following the sale of the assets of Polar Foods.

The program originally identified 240 displaced workers. The identification was made using T-4 slips provided by the former employer. Of those people, 70 indicated they did not need the transitional work program as they were students, had already moved to other jobs, were in training or had moved out of the area. That left 170 employees.

Of those, twenty found have work on their own. Twenty-five people have been offered other employment. Eleven people have indicated no interest in the program Fifty positions have been identified at local seafood processing plants.

The transition team is currently working with 64 people to match them with jobs. Twelve more people have interviews to be conducted, for a total of 76 people.

The program has also identified 135 vacant jobs in Prince County, not including jobs at seafood plants and the Bloomfield Mall.

“I am particularly impressed with how businesses in the area have stepped up to the plate to identify employment opportunities,” said Development and Technology Minister Mike Currie. “Their willingness to support this program has certainly made our task much easier.”

Through the transitional work program, employers can receive a subsidy for half an employee’s salary for 20 weeks. The subsidy cannot exceed five dollars an hour. The aim of the subsidy is to provide a transitional or training period for new employees. The subsidy can only be applied to new jobs.

“While I know this is a very difficult time, I believe the people of this area are skilled and resourceful and want to work,” said Tignish-Deblois MLA Gail Shea. “I appreciate the effort people are putting into dealing with this change and I’m confident that, given the support this transition period offers, many will find new and rewarding employment.”

The emphasis of the transitional work program is to place as many workers as possible with private sector employers.

Media Contact: Ann Thurlow
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