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May 14, 2004
For immediate release

Federal-Provincial-Territorial Partners Lead United Fight Against Organized Crime

Office of the Attorney General

Canada’s fight against organized crime remains strong and coordinated across the country, according to a public report on organized crime released today by Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers Responsible for Justice.

The report titled, "Working Together to Combat Organized Crime," details how governments and the law enforcement community have come together in partnership in recent years to find solutions to the pervasive problem of organized crime.

The report tells the story of a collective response in fighting problems such as marijuana grow operations, outlaw motorcycle gangs, economic crimes like identity theft, among other crimes known to be committed by organized criminals.

The report explains what policy-makers, legislators and police are doing to address organized crime in accordance with the National Agenda to Combat Organized Crime, which was endorsed by Ministers in 2000. The report further outlines areas where future action is required. It fulfills a commitment made at the last meeting of FPT Ministers Responsible for Justice in October 2003.

The report states: “Organized crime poses a serious threat to public safety in every aspect of society. From drug deals on our streets…to attempts to recruit youth into street gangs, no community is immune. Federal, provincial and territorial governments have come together in recent years to find solutions…Their commitment to working together – and to taking action with the law enforcement community against organized crime in all its manifestations – is strong.”

"Working Together to Combat Organized Crime" can be found at the following Internet site:

Media Contact: Jennifer MacLeod
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