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May 31, 2004
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Smoke-Free Places Act Marks First Anniversary

Health and Social Services

June 1 marks the first anniversary of the implementation of the Smoke-Free Places Act, and many Prince Edward Island businesses should be proud of their efforts to comply with the act, according to Health and Social Services Minister Chester Gillan.

“We introduced the act to reduce people’s exposure to second-hand smoke,” Gillan explains. “The cooperation that we have received from the business community, especially from Island restaurants and bars, has been phenomenal.”

Most licensed establishments opted not to build or renovate smoking rooms, choosing to ban smoking entirely and provide ashtrays outside instead. The Smoke-Free Places Act applies to all Island businesses, and to taxis and other vehicles used for commercial purposes. The minister encourages people to call the Smoke-Free Places hotline for information about the act.

“We have a toll-free number that people can call if they have questions or concerns regarding what the act regulates, and our environmental health officers can perform site inspections upon request.”

People can also call the Smoke-Free Places Act hotline to talk about how the implementation of the act has affected them. The toll free number is 1-800-958-6400.

Media Contact: Sara Underwood
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