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November 30, 2004
For immediate release

Eastern Kings to Develop Economic and Social Profile

Development and Technology

The Eastern Kings Community Enhancement Corporation has engaged the services of The Atlantic Evaluation Group Inc. partnered with Wendy MacDonald & Associates to develop a comprehensive social and economic profile of the Eastern Kings Region.

The emphasis will be on analyzing the current and future labour market requirements of employers and an evaluation of trends in the area in terms of population, mobility, labour force, education, income, etc. Current industries and sources of livelihood will be assessed, with forecasts of the future needs and opportunities included.

The consultants will present a brief outline to the Annual Meeting of the Enhancement Corporation on Monday, December 6th at 7:30 p.m. at the Rollo Bay Inn.

The meeting is open to the public.

The profile results will serve as a guide to the Enhancement Corporation and others in the development of projects and initiatives over the coming years.

Corporation treasurer and Souris Town Councillor Denis Thibodeau stressed the importance of this project to the area. “The benefits of the profile will extend over many years. Both the community and its businesses will have needs to meet in the future. We must plan to meet these with the projects and programs we undertake today.”

Colin Jack, chair of the Enhancement Corporation board, stated, “Although the process sounds both boring and complex, the profile should allow the community to use and thoroughly understand the results of the many surveys and reports completed in our area over the last ten to fifteen years. This is the first attempt to form a comprehensive model that will address the needs of the community from the viewpoints of employers, employees and the general population and, because it is designed to be regularly updated, the profile will be of value to the community over a number of years.” The Eastern Kings Community Enhancement Corporation is a group of volunteers whose purpose is to encourage and facilitate projects in Eastern Kings which will enhance the lives of the residents and their visitors. Currently, the Corporation is involved in the committee supervising the upgrading and improvement of the small watercraft facilities in Souris harbour with accompanying sidewalk and street reconstruction along the waterfront, including the construction of a gazebo and improvements to Mariners Park. The Corporation also led the Matthew-MacLean building restoration.

Anyone interested in the enhancement of life in Eastern Kings is welcome to attend the Annual Meeting, and the monthly meetings are open to the public. For information on meeting times and locations, please call Susan Myers, Community Development Officer for Eastern Kings, at (902) 687-7083.

Support for the study is being made available by the Canada/PEI Labour Market Development Agreement, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the provincial Department of Development and Technology.

For more information, please contact, Dr. Colin Jack at (902) 687-3711.

Media Contact: Ann Thurlow
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