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October 6, 2005
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Partnership to Further Post Secondary Education and Skills Training

Provincial Treasury

Provincial Treasurer Mitch Murphy today urged the federal government to join with the provinces and territories in a partnership to further post secondary education and skills training.

Mr. Murphy was in Quebec City at a meeting hosted by Quebec Premier Jean Charest and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. The tripartite meeting of Education, Finance and Skills Development Ministers was an outcome of the most recent Council of the Federation meeting where Canada’s premiers established the importance of achieving a meaningful partnership with the Government of Canada in the area of post- secondary training and skills development.

“It is no secret that education is the foundation to fuel economic growth. We need a fair partnership with the federal government if we are ever to achieve the improvements in productivity that we require,” said Mr. Murphy.

The Provincial Treasurer, in addition to seeking greater federal financial involvement in post-secondary education, made the case for the federal government to become more involved in life-long learning initiatives.

“As part of the productivity partnership, it is essential that the federal government come to the table with budget dollars to assist with the life-long learning initiative. More attention has to be paid to the further training of a highly skilled and productive workforce,” said Mr. Murphy.

Media Contact: Mitch Murphy
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