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October 25, 2005
For immediate release

Information Technology Services to Be Restructured in Province

Provincial Treasury

The Province of PEI is undertaking an initiative focussed on increasing efficiencies in the delivery of Information Technology (IT) services within the provincial government. The entire provincial IT structure is being reviewed for efficiencies including management and support functions.

A new IT shared services model will emerge. The structure, budgets and staff will be administered through the Provincial Treasury. The planning process will consider changes to management, staff roles and responsibilities to reflect the new structure and related operations.

Minister Mitch Murphy, Provincial Treasurer, noted, “It is important and necessary to optimize IT services as we move forward. We do expect some changes to staff roles and responsibilities. The degree of this activity is not yet finalized.”

The Minister noted that government must maintain critical IT services through this optimization process. Staff levels will need to be stabilized over the coming months to ensure service levels are not compromised. Cost savings and staff adjustments will be achievable as the IT optimization process unfolds.

The shared services approach has been widely adopted in both private and public organizations as a best practice in IT service delivery. Current best practice models show that consolidation of IT resources, infrastructures and networks can increase efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and is the preferred option in most organizations. A number of projects will be undertaken to consolidate and standardize services.

An IT optimization planning team, representing various ministries and UPSE representatives, has been developed to review current IT operations and build an implementation strategy including a transition plan. The team will consult with other Ministries and Departments throughout the process.

The changes are internally focussed to increase efficiencies in operational support functions within Government IT infrastructures and resources.

“The IT optimization effort is designed to provide best possible services within a responsible fiscal framework. Government is committed to an open and fair process for determining the future roles and responsibilities for all IT workers and managers,” said Minister Murphy.

The province presently maintains and supports four independent and distinct networks and three independent IT Help Desks. Information technology staff in the province support 8,500 client desktops. Help desks handle approximately 35,000 calls annually and there are 254 servers and 6,700 phones distributed across government.

“Government is committed to providing service in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The new direction in IT service delivery is the result of an in-depth analysis and proactive suggestions from the program renewal process.”

Minister Murphy added that he looks forward to further recommendations of the Program Renewal team that will enhance the quality and efficiency of public service in the province.

Media Contact: Mitch Murphy
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