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January 13, 2006
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New ArtsSmarts Projects Receive Funding

Community and Cultural Affairs

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Funding of $45,000 will be provided for thirteen new ArtsSmarts projects in Prince Edward Island schools this year. The ArtsSmarts program supports students to learn core subjects using music, drama, dance and the visual arts.

ArtsSmarts is a program of the Canadian Conference of the Arts. It is supported by the J. W. McConnell Foundation and delivered in Prince Edward Island by the Department of Education, Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, PEI Council of the Arts, PEI Crafts Council, the three school boards, U.P.E.I., Fédération culturel de l’Î.-P.-É., Eptek, Confederation Centre of the Arts, and several other partners.

The schools that will receive funding for projects this year include: Spring Park Elementary School, École Évangéline, Elm Street Elementary School, Sherwood Elementary School, Stonepark Intermediate School, Eastern Kings Consolidated School, West Royalty Elementary School, Fortune Consolidated School, East Wiltshire Intermediate School, and Donagh Regional School.

Education Minister Mildred Dover said the program met with great success in 2005 during its first year of operation. “Last year ArtsSmarts brought 20 recognized Island artists together with teachers and students in eight schools. The program provided students with opportunities to become involved in the arts and to discover creativity, self expression and critical thinking skills,” said Minister Dover.

Community and Cultural Affairs Minister Elmer MacFadyen said participation in ArtsSmarts has been a very satisfying experience for Island artists. “Artists are telling us that they enjoy the opportunity to get out into their communities, to teach, and to help young people develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the arts. We look forward to another successful year,” he said.

ArtsSmarts is the largest education initiative in Canada dedicated to improving the learning capacity of children and youth by integrating the arts into teaching and learning. One of the goals of the program is to engage community partners in helping young people to learn through the arts.

This year, new funding of $1,000 was received from the Evangeline Credit Union to support the ArtsSmarts projects at École Évangéline. “We like the idea of taking part in this project since our mandate has to do with young people and their education,” said Alfred Arsenault, executive director of the Evangeline Credit Union. “It is a very special opportunity for the youth who will be able to participate. We are proud to be in a position to contribute to such a project that helps the young to learn about their culture and history in a unique way. We wish them a lot of success and fun in realizing their projects.”

For more information on ArtsSmarts, visit the ArtsSmarts website at or contact Cécile Arsenault, ArtsSmarts Coordinator at 902 315 1116 or by e-mail at



Spring Park Elementary School, Grades 1 to 6, “Learning for Life”--

Teacher: Connie Mackay Carr; Artists: Everett Johnston, Debbie Thompson; Number of Students Participating: 385; Project description: Students will create a “Learning for Life” abstract and a six-panel window over the main door of the school.

Ecole Évangéline, Grade 5, “On est tous dans le même bâteau”--

Teacher: Monique Mainville; Artists: Lynn Gaudet, Sylvie Toupin, Denis Robert, Louise Arsenault; Number of Students Participating: 15; Project description: This project includes a theatrical production on Canadian heros; publication of numerous short plays written by students for use as teaching tools; and the creation of a souvenir booklet.

Alt Ed Plus (EAP), Summerside, Grades 5 to 6, “Building a Community / Up Close and Personal in a Maritime Fishing Community”--

Teacher: Kelly Adams; Artists: Maurice Bernard, Adam Bassett; Number of Students Participating: 13; Project description: Students will create a three-dimensional table top model of a fishing community with elements from different communities, past and present.

Elm Street School, Grades 3, 5 and 6, “Picture School Culture”--

Teachers: Marie-Anne Roy, Elizabeth Blake and Carolyn Rowe-Turner; Artist: Alanna Jenkov; Number of Students Participating: 75; Project description: Students will create a photo exhibit entitled “Picture School Culture”. It will feature 75 black and white photos and captions by students.

École Évangéline, Grades 10 to 12, “Réseau de concepts animé (ou vivant)”--

Teacher: Gilles Arsenault; Artist: Lucie Bellemare; Number of Students Participating: 42; Project description: Students will create a three-dimensional mural that will reflect Canadian multiculturalism.

Sherwood School, Grades 5, “Mosaic in Motion”--

Teacher: Lise Morin; Artists: Susana Rutherford, Kathy Kroliskowski, Gisèle Landry; Number of Students Participating: 100; Project description: Students will create 50 tiles using mosaic techniques reflecting the Island flora, fauna and landscape.

Stonepark Intermediate School, Grade 9--

Teacher: Helen Smith-MacPhail; Artist: Debra Janes Percival; Number of Students Participating: 278 Project description: Students will etch an aluminum plate to create a sketch which will then be transfered to both cloth and paper.

Eastern Kings Consolidated School, Grades 1 to 8, “Helping Hands”--

Teacher: Carol Sharkey; Artists: Lynne Townshend, Hugh MacDonald, Nancy Lee Ching; Number of Students Participating: 104; Project description: Students will create different projects at various grade levels, such as a quilt in grades 3 and 4 and an illustrated book in grade 5 and 6. All students will take part in the “Helping Hands” mural.

West Royalty, Grade 6, “Space and Technology”--

Teacher: Ken Gaudet; Artist: Maurice Bernard; Number of Students Participating: 80; Project description: The creation of individual paintings by each student, construction of scale models of futuristic flying machines, essays by each student on space related topics and a performing arts production.

West Royalty, Grade 5, “Cube Connections”--

Teacher: Donnalee Downe; Artists: Rilla Marshall; Number of Students Participating: 81; Project description: Student exhibition of three-dimensional geometric figures created and painted.

Fortune Consolidated, Grades 1 to 4, “Kids Take Stage”--

Teacher: Margaret Anne MacIntyre; Artists: John Haines, Loretta Campbell, Lynn Townshend, Mark Haines, Nancy Willis, Susan Bruce, Teri Hall Number of Students Participating: 69; Project description: This project proposes the production of a play. Students will be involved in all aspects including script writing, creation and design for the set, play production, choreography, etc.

East Wiltshire Intermediate School, Grade 8, “Luncheon at William H. Pope’s”--

Teacher: Jody MacDonald; Artists: Karen MacPhee; Number of Students Participating: 42 Donagh Regional School, Grades 1 to 9, “United We Stand”--

Teacher: Lynn Coady; Artists: David Weale, Terry Dunton Stevenson; Number of Students Participating: 149; Project description: Students will create a large mural based on “Three Tall Trees” by David Weale. The mural will represent the unity and diversity of the school.

Media Contact: Jean Doherty
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