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February 10, 2006
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New Program is one of a Kind in Canada!


Chefs, hoteliers, instructors and students celebrated in Charlottetown today as Holland College’s Culinary Institute of Canada officially launched its new program, the Applied Degree in Culinary Operations. Set to begin in September 2006, this applied degree program is the first of its kind in Canada and marks the first time a college in Atlantic Canada has offered an applied degree program.

Education Minister Mildred Dover said government approved the Holland College proposal to grant the new degree after amending legislation, conducting a peer review, and receiving recommendations from a committee of education and industry representatives. “The new applied degree program responds to the needs of learners and the industry. It will add value to our existing culinary programs by providing students with new opportunities for specialized learning in an economy which is more and more dependent on specialized knowledge and skills,” she said.

Honourable Philip Brown, Minister of Tourism for Prince Edward Island was on hand for the announcement and commented, “On behalf of the tourism industry of Prince Edward Island, it is great to see the Culinary Institute develop such a great program for students.” He added, “While we would love to have EVERY graduate of the Holland College Tourism and Culinary Centre stay here on Prince Edward Island, we are pleased with the practical work programs they participate in while taking their courses and are extremely happy to have those who do stay become part of our tourism industry on the Island. Many of the students work full and part time at tourism operations across the Island, providing highly motivated, skilled culinary experts which is a great resource for our industry.”

An applied degree is a relatively new college credential that prepares students for specific occupational fields. The degree is based on industry demand and focuses on applied learning and well-defined skill sets. Applied degrees require students to participate in field placements and are subject to stringent monitoring and review by an external panel on a continual basis.

The two-year, post-diploma Applied Degree in Culinary Operations focuses on the application and integration of skills developed in consultation with the Culinary Institute of Canada national advisory committee. The committee is comprised of culinary entrepreneurs, research and development managers, resort and restaurant operators, consultants, project managers, policy development professionals, nutritionists, educational experts and chefs. The Culinary Institute of Canada works with the committee to identify emerging trends and developments within the culinary industry.

Chef Michael Smith, a member of the Culinary Institute’s national advisory committee and an award-winning cookbook author, newspaper columnist, host of three television series, was in Charlottetown for the program launch. “The new Applied Degree in Culinary Operations will continue to solidify The Culinary Institute of Canada's educational prominence while serving the rapidly evolving needs of the food service and hospitality industries,” Chef Smith noted.

Dr. Brian McMillan, President of Holland College agreed. “This industry specific and industry driven program will better enable Culinary Institute of Canada graduates to successfully manage, operate and develop a variety of foodservice initiatives on a global scale,” Dr. McMillan stated. “Our graduates will be capable of embarking on new employment opportunities in many non-traditional chef roles such as foodservice research and development, the media, consulting, healthcare and sales. They will be well positioned to assume high-level leadership positions as they further develop their culinary careers.”

Students may enter the program upon completion of their Culinary Arts Diploma at the Culinary Institute of Canada or another recognized institution along with a minimum of 1280 documented service hours or they may enter the program directly from the workplace, providing they can attest to five years experience in the culinary industry, at least one of which must be at the supervisory level. Preference will be given to applicants who hold a Canadian Red Seal Cook’s Certificate of Qualification or equivalent.

For more information on the Applied Degree in Culinary Operations or other programs offered at The Culinary Institute of Canada, visit

Media Contact: Jean Doherty
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