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October 19, 2006
For immediate release

Province Refines Policy Around Taxation of Farm Snow Blowing Operations

Provincial Treasury

Provincial Treasurer Mitch Murphy today announced government’s decision to refine the tax implications surrounding bona fide farmers and snow removal.

“We have received valuable input on this issue and are adjusting the policy accordingly,” stated Murphy.

Government’s intent is to foster a level playing field between bona fide farmers who receive a tax benefit and non-farmers who run commercial snow removal operations paying appropriate provincial tax on their equipment and inputs.

Murphy explained that when a farmer wishes to compete for publicly tendered work against commercial enterprises then a consistent tax implication must apply. This would mean that the farmer competing for such work would be required to pay all taxes appropriate for a commercial enterprise engaged in that practice.

“Recognizing that commercial snow removal operations do not exist in all areas of the province, the traditional practice of farmers servicing residential customers and community organizations such as churches would remain unaffected by any new tax implications,” Murphy noted.

Murphy advised that his department would be writing the province’s bona fide farmers in the next few days to clarify the rules surrounding these practices.

Media Contact: Mitch Murphy
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