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January 19, 2007
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Aerospace PEI Launches "The Sky is no Limit" Career Month

Development and Technology

Prince Edward Island (PEI) aerospace company representatives and the Minister of Development and Technology Mike Currie will officially launch The Sky is no Limit Career Month with an in-studio kick-off Monday, January 22, at 7:50 a.m. on K-rock 105.5. The five-week promotion will raise awareness about exciting career and training opportunities through a multi-media campaign about this growing and vibrant industry.

Already employing over 700 people and closing in on 800, the Island’s seven companies need up to 250 more people over the next few years, according to Mark Booth, president of Aerospace PEI and vice president of Atlantic Turbines Inc.

“Our research tells us that people sometimes feel they may lack the qualifications for this industry,” Booth said. While it’s true that our member companies always need highly-trained people like machinists and aerospace technicians, we also need people willing to learn the business from the ground up. That’s why we’ve just launched a second web film entitled, “It’s not all rocket science,” featuring four young people who have grown in this industry.”

“The Government of Prince Edward Island is committed to providing employment opportunities for our young people,” said Minister Currie. “Many of them have found careers in this key sector because they see its potential for stable and long-term employment. This campaign is aimed at individuals who may not be aware of all the opportunities this industry has to offer. We hope to reach those people so they can prepare for an exciting future career in aerospace.”

During the first two weeks of the campaign, a number of aerospace employers and employees will talk about their careers in live interviews. Finally, starting the week of February 1, K-rock and Aerospace PEI will give listeners a chance to win instant prizes and qualify for an Aerospace PEI “Sky is no Limit” prize package.

“K-rock 105.5 and Ocean 100 are thrilled to be a part of this year’s aerospace promotion,” said K-rock and Ocean Manager Jennifer Evans. This promotion allows us to educate K-rock and Ocean listeners of the importance of the sector to the province and inform them of the tremendous career opportunities aerospace currently offers Islanders.”

Now in its third year, Aerospace PEI’s multi-media campaign has significantly raised awareness of this exploding industry sector and created interest among Islanders in aerospace careers. As well as advertising in television, radio, newspapers and Empire Theatres, Aerospace PEI makes annual presentations in grade nine classrooms across the province. The Canada-PEI Labour Market Development Agreement funds the campaign.

The new film, “It’s not all rocket science,” can be accessed along with the 2006 DVD production, “The sky is no limit,” at

For more information, contact Aerospace PEI by email or call 1-800-811-6311.


Aerospace PEI

• Employs close to 800

• Represents 25 per cent of total PEI exports

• The Aerospace Industry is PEI’s third largest industry

• Gross sales total over $275M annually

• Shortages of skilled workers is being experienced for:

o Machinists

o Aerospace Technicians

o Quality Technicians

o Engineers

• Aerospace companies are continuing to grow as they prospect new markets and sign new contracts

• Seven aerospace companies in PEI

o Atlantic Turbines International

o Honeywell

o MDS-PRAD Technologies

o Testori Americas

o TronosJet Maintenance

o Tube-Fab

o Wiebel

• Atlantic Turbines International:

Atlantic Turbines is a Pratt & Whitney Canada designated PW100, PT6A and JT15D Engine Series Overhaul Facility.

Atlantic Turbines is a division of Vector Aerospace Corporation with aviation, repair and overhaul subsidiaries throughout the world. This company was one of the first tenants of the Summerside Aerospace Centre located at Slemon Park, Prince Edward Island.

• Honeywell:

Honeywell provides the worldwide aerospace marketplace with a wide range of products and services, including the repair and overhaul of fuel controls, hydraulic pumps, overspeed governors, and fuel nozzles. The Prince Edward Island manufacturing division includes a dedicated team of skilled, cross-functional technicians who are certified to soldering IPC-A-610 standards.

• MDS-PRAD Technologies:

MDS-PRAD Technologies Corporation is home to a new research and development, engineering, and production facility. MDS-PRAD Technologies Corporation is a Canadian joint venture between MDS Aero Support Corporation and Ural Works of Civil Aviation (PRAD) of Russia. The company owns the rights to a protective coating that prevents premature wear and erosion in gas turbine engines.

• Testori Americas:

Testori Americas is a manufacturer of hard and soft interiors for the aerospace and mass transit industries. It has continuously grown since establishing on PEI in 1994. Testori's capabilities include design, engineering, and production of interior kits and related components such as lavatories, partitions, doors, cabin linings, and luggage racks.

• TronosJet Maintenance:

Tronosjet Maintenance is a Transport Canada approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) providing inspection, repair, and refurbishment services to Regional aircraft. Since establishment in 2004 the company has specialized in performing heavy maintenance checks on the BAe 146 series of aircraft.

• Tube-Fab Ltd.:

Tube-Fab Ltd. is a manufacturing organization that specializes in producing high quality metal tubular assemblies and machined components. For 50 years Tube-Fab Ltd. has focused on the aerospace, industrial, medical, space and high performance industrial engine industries.

• Wiebel Aerospace:

Wiebel Aerospace specializes in the manufacture of precision-machined components for aircraft Landing Gear and Flight Controls. All of their work is custom made to meet the specific needs and exacting standards of their customers. We deliver ready-to-install finished parts and fully tested assemblies to the highest level for virtually every major commercial and military aircraft.


Aerospace Education is a program that will be available to Grade 11-12 students of the Western School Board at Three Oaks Senior High School, Kensington Intermediate-Senior High School and Kinkora Regional High School.

This program will offer students a variety of opportunities in the area of career exploration, aerospace sector introduction and skill acquisition while utilizing partnerships with aerospace community experts.

Through the Aerospace Education Program, students will have the opportunity to take courses in Aircraft Maintenance Orientation and Aircraft Maintenance. Students will learn how to fully utilize the resources that were purchased with this funding being offered at the Industrial Park in St. Eleanor's, PEI.

The natural progression of the Aerospace Education Program will assist students in finding possible vocations in the aerospace industry following graduation or those entering college or university with the potential to return to the industry seeking employment in the future.

Media Contact: Dennis King
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