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February 9, 2007
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Heritage Places Project in Montague Area

Community and Cultural Affairs

Museum and Heritage PEI has begun a project to study heritage properties in Montague and area, Dr. Satadal Dasgupta, Chairperson of the Board of Governors for the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation announced recently.

“Museum and Heritage PEI is pleased to be coordinating another heritage places project, after the wonderful success of our 2006 project in Victoria,” Dr. Dasgupta noted. “Heritage conservation is one of our key tasks and this year’s project gives us the opportunity to underscore the importance of the heritage properties in Montague.”

The survey is a project of the Canadian Historic Places Initiative, a joint project of the Government of Canada and the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs. The goals of the project are to identify significant heritage places in the Montague area and to include properties on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

“This initiative will allow the Foundation to build on the years of community work done by the Garden of the Gulf Museum,” said Community and Cultural Affairs Minister Elmer MacFadyen. “I encourage local residents to share their stories and old photographs to help identify heritage places in the town.”

The project is expected to run through to the end of March, with the possibility of future expansion into areas surrounding the town. Operations are based out of the Garden of the Gulf Museum in Montague.

“We want to express appreciation to the Garden of the Gulf Museum and to the Town of Montague for their cooperation and assistance,” said Paula Kenny, Project Coordinator. “We expect our research will result in many nominations being forwarded to our provincial Heritage Review Board for registration. When approved, the information on the properties will be posted to the Provincial and national Historic Places websites so everyone can appreciate the value of these properties.”


Heritage value refers to the aesthetic, historic, scientific, cultural, social, or spiritual importance or significance for past, present or future generations. The heritage value of a historic place is embodied in its character-defining materials, forms, location, spatial configurations, uses, and cultural associations or meanings.

Historic Places Initiative:

• to strengthen the culture of conservation in Canada, raise public awareness about a historic place and provide easily accessible information about its heritage value;

• created to ensure that national treasures are not lost to Canadians forever and are preserved as a rich legacy for future generations;

• led by the Government of Canada, in collaboration with provincial and territorial governments.

Designation and Registration under Heritage Places Protection Act:


• developed by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs in accordance with the Act;

• any site or structure that has been researched and meets certain criteria is eligible for registration;

• registration does not provide legal protection for the place.


• protected place subject to the provision of the act and regulations;

• provides legal restrictions on any changes to the landscape or to the architectural heritage defining the elements of the place;

• designation requires approval of the minister responsible for heritage.

Historic places formally recognized by local, provincial and territorial governments, and by the federal government, are listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places, a searchable database accessible via the Internet.

Media Contact: Connie McNeill
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