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May 11, 2007
For immediate release

Minister Dover Clarifies That Most of Montague High School Will be a New Facility and it Will be Large Enough to Meet Future Needs


Education Minister Mildred Dover advised today that most of the work being done on the Montague Regional High School is new school construction.

“The $14.5 million that the provincial government is now investing in Montague Regional High School is much more than just a refurbishment of the existing school. In fact, most of the school will be brand new,” she said.

Minister Dover advised that 60,000 square feet of existing space will be torn down and construction of 60,000 square feet of new space will begin soon. This major new facility will house large modern classrooms, a new library, new science and technology labs, new music rooms, new cafeteria and theatre facilities, wider hallways and better air quality. Outside, green space and sports fields will be expanded, and access to the school will be greatly improved.

“Our decision to renovate the existing gym and vocational area was made for three very good reasons. First, it was the recommendation of an architectural and engineering assessment which concluded that this part of the school is very sound. Second, new technology enables us to bring trades and gymnasium areas to like-new condition. Finally, it will result in a substantial cost saving of $4.5 million,” said the minister. “This combination of new construction and renovation has been used consistently and successfully throughout the years. The expansions at Bluefield, Souris, Morell, Colonel Gray and Charlottetown Rural high schools were all designed this way to make the best possible use of new and existing resources. Montague High School will be no different.”

The minister added that the school will be big enough to serve students now and well into the future.

On May 23, the construction planning committee will host an open house at the school to allow the public to see the plans for the new school. “I am confident that at this time, students, parents and residents will see for themselves that they will soon have a modern, spacious and beautiful new high school that will serve them well for years to come,” said Minister Dover.

Media Contact: Jean Doherty
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