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August 23, 2007
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New Prince Edward Island Employment Website Launched

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A new website has been launched which will match job seekers with potential employers on Prince Edward Island.

The information portal,, is a comprehensive, career-information website offering up-to-date content regarding emerging sectors of the Prince Edward Island economy. The website will focus on career opportunities in bioscience, aerospace and information technology, as well as trades and manufacturing.

Minister of Development and Technology Richard Brown said visitors to the website can search career opportunities and find companies looking for qualified employees.

“The launch of this website is good news for both employers and those looking for work in Prince Edward Island,” Minister Brown said. “In time, I am confident this website will help the province attract new businesses to the Island because we will be able to demonstrate to potential employers we have a labour force that can meet their needs.

“One of our main tools in recruiting companies to Prince Edward Island is the dedication, work-ethic and talent of our workers.”

Minister Brown said career awareness, immigration, repatriation and education will all play a role in making the new career portal an important component of business development in the province.

“Islanders who have moved away will now have a tool to look for employment back home,” Minister Brown said. “We want these people to come back and we know if given the opportunity this is where they want to be. Having these skilled Islanders as part of our overall labour pool will benefit everyone, including those businesses looking for capable employees.”

With one click, job seekers and recruiters will be able to connect with Prince Edward Island’s growing and diversifying economy. The free, interactive service also enables recruiters to connect with qualified people in the Island’s emerging industries.

The site features videos of real people in real jobs. Visitors are encouraged to post their resume, make connections, chat with others about opportunities and even access live help via a toll free 1-800 number.

“Businesses can immediately be notified when someone matching the criteria they are looking for registers on the site, while those seeking jobs can also be notified when an employer posts a vacancy,” Minister Brown said. “I am confident this website will prove to be a valuable tool for industry and employees alike.”

For additional information, visit the website at

Media Contact: Ron Crozier
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