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September 6, 2007
For immediate release

Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training Launch New Classroom Resources


Twenty-three new classroom resources to improve student performance and help teachers implement curriculum were today released by the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training (CAMET), led by the Honourable Joan Burke, Newfoundland and Labrador Minister of Education; Honourable Kelly Lamrock, New Brunswick Minister of Education; Honourable Ed Doherty, New Brunswick Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour; Honourable Karen Casey, Nova Scotia Minister of Education; and the Honourable Gerard Greenan, Prince Edward Island Minister of Education. The new textbooks, guides and web-based materials will be available in the 2007-2008 school year in all Atlantic Canadian schools. Among the new resources are online math tutorials which offer additional learning support to students in over 300 key areas of the Atlantic high school math curriculum. The tutorials can be accessed anytime at school or from home by students and parents. Many of the new teacher resources will support improved outcomes in literacy and numeracy. Among these resources are relevant information, based upon the most current research, on the different ways that boys and girls learn from kindergarten to grade 12, strategies to narrow the achievement gap between boys and girls, and tools to improve reading comprehension in rural schools. The new resources also include several new textbooks and curriculum support materials in courses such as social studies, science and math. The ministers of education and training are committed to supporting students and teachers in Atlantic Canada by providing new, engaging and custom-designed resources to address the specific and unique needs of Atlantic Canadian students. These resources were developed with the assistance of education stakeholders, including teachers from the Atlantic region. The resources developed by CAMET also support the Council of Atlantic Premiers’ (CAP) commitment to regional cooperation, as reflected in the CAP Action Plan, Building on Progress: Atlantic Action Plan 2005-2008. CAMET is an agency of the Council of Atlantic Premiers (CAP) and its purpose is to enhance cooperation in public and post-secondary education in Atlantic Canada by working together to improve learning, optimize efficiencies and bring added value to provincial initiatives.


New 2007-2008 CAMET Resources Resources to Improve Student Performance Boys, Girls and Learning: K-12 Handbook This handbook shares teacher experiences and expertise related to narrowing the academic achievement gap between boys and girls and helping all students achieve success. Learning of Rural Boys: Report This report was developed to improve the reading comprehension of both boys and girls in rural schools through differentiated English language arts instructional practices and technology. The findings of the project are elaborated in this report. On-line Math Tutorials Students enrolled in senior high school mathematics courses now have access to web-based tutorial support for 371 learning objects that were developed based on current curricular outcomes for mathematics. The tutorials can be accessed by students, teachers and parents. Trois simulations globales – LA CROISIÈRE, L’HÔTEL, and L’IMMEUBLE This manual and CD-ROM present a series of activities linked to scenarios which will enable students in high school Core French courses to participate in realistic communication situations in a simulated environment. Apprentissage chez les garçons A kit containing all the materials needed to implement a process in a school to examine the issue of boys’ success in school and to remedy the problem through concrete action. The kit will include a document setting out the basic research on boys’ success in school, a CD-ROM enabling the principal to get the staff thinking about the issue, and examples of best teaching practices. Resources to Support Program Implementation Social Studies Grade 6 Textbook – Culture Quest A custom designed textbook and resource guide intended to help students understand the common characteristics among cultures throughout the world. Students will develop an understanding of the role that culture plays in everyone’s lives by examining their own culture and cultures from around the world. Social Studies Grade 8/9 Textbook – Canadian Identity A custom designed textbook and resource guide spanning the period from the end of World War I to present. Students are called on to inquire into the influences, interactions, challenges and opportunities that have shaped, and continue to shape, Canadian identity. Social Studies P-2, 6, 7, 8, 9 Curriculum Four resources that outline the philosophy and scope of the primary to grade 2, grades 6, 7 and 8/9 social studies programs. Curriculum outcomes and delineations are paired with effective student learning activities and assessment strategies.

Planning for Integrated Curriculum This resource manual assists teachers with the multi-faceted process of integrating curricula in their classrooms. The resource defines concepts, describes advantages and identifies factors to consider when developing and implementing integrated curriculum units. The process and strategies for supporting instruction within a multi-level classroom are outlined. Cross-Curricular Reading Tools This handbook offers practical reading comprehension strategies for striving, young adolescent learners. A total of 15 strategies are identified and defined. Descriptions of why and how to use each strategy are also provided. French Second Language: A support document for School Administrators This support manual will assist school administrators and guidance counselors to promote quality French as a second language programs in their schools and thus provide students and parents with options when deciding which program best meets the needs of the learner. Sciences M-4, Mathématiques M-4, Mathématiques 5-8 – Objets d’apprentissage A collection of resources and video clips on CD-ROM for use by teachers. These resources will help students to achieve learning concepts in sciences and mathematics. Trois Cours en ligne – Tourisme, Entrepreneuriat, et Comptabilité Francophone students across the Atlantic region are given equal access to optional courses by enrolling in web-based courses. These courses will enable the students to gain and apply knowledge with the aim of rising to the challenges of the business world. Programme de français – 9e et 10e années: Curriculum Program The new high school French program uses literary and media texts to help students improve oral and written expression. This program emphasizes production and encourages participation in projects to promote identity building.

Media Contact: Jean Doherty
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