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November 13, 2007
For immediate release

Tourism Occupancy Up Across the Province


Tourism indicators from accommodation occupancy reports across the Province are showing consistent increases in every region of the Island. Valerie Docherty, Minister of Tourism, along with David MacKenzie, Chair of the PEI Tourism Advisory Council (TAC) are pleased to showcase these initial season results, confirming industry reports that 2007 may well be a comeback year for tourism in PEI.

The Tourism Advisory Council provides strategic advice to Tourism PEI on research, product development and marketing initiatives. Currently operating under the five-year strategy (The New Product Culture: The Prince Edward Island Strategy for Tourism Competitiveness), TAC was pleased to see a stabilization of the industry in 2006 and now some growth in 2007.

“Increases in occupancy rates in every region of the Island’s tourism industry suggest to me that we are turning the corner and the strategy is working. It’s important to note the exceptional increase in air traffic in 2007 (12% year to date), as well as the regional occupancy rate increases in the range of 0.1% to 3.6% with a province-wide increase of 1.8% to the end of September. While the growth is somewhat modest, it is consistent and a significant step in the right direction,” stated Minister Docherty.

The annual exit survey provides visitation numbers, revenue and other data; a status update will be presented at the annual general meeting of the Tourism Industry Association of PEI on November 30. For now, David MacKenzie, Chair considers the tourism indicators to be strong evidence of positive change. “We are optimistic that the exit survey data will back up the indicators and confirm this growth. The incremental efforts to build new tourism product, strengthen the brand, and remain research-driven have been on-strategy and the best use of the resources available to us. TAC continues to make the case for additional investment in tourism to carry out the strategy and respond to emerging market opportunities such as Calgary, where a new promotion was introduced in 2007,” MacKenzie added.

Other highlights of the season to the end of September include Provincial Parks increase of 5% across the system, as well as 9% for historic sites under the Museum and Heritage Prince Edward Island umbrella. North Cape Coastal Drive experienced the greatest increase in occupancy at 3.6%, followed by Anne’s Land at 2.7% and Points East at 2.2%.

To access the latest tourism indicators, visit and click on the link of the same name. You can also access the TIAPEI website to register for the November 30th Annual General Meeting.

Media Contact: Sheri Lee McKenna
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