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January 23, 2008
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Prince Edward Island Seniors’ Guide and Information Line Launched

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The Prince Edward Island Seniors’ Secretariat today announced a new Prince Edward Island Seniors’ Guide and a toll-free information line for seniors, families and caregivers.

The new guide is a 68-page directory of information about health services, personal security, active living, clubs and activities, housing, legal matters and more.

Premier Robert Ghiz said that the Seniors’ Secretariat has an important role to play in advancing the well-being of seniors today and into the next generation as the population ages. “Our government is working to support seniors and other Prince Edward Islanders to be healthy and as independent as possible, for as long as possible.”

Research across Canada has pointed out the importance of seniors having access to clear information about services and resources. Minister Doug Currie, co-chair of the Seniors’ Secretariat noted that the goal is to keep seniors healthy and active longer. “Change happens throughout life but we know that there are many changes more likely to occur during the seniors years. It’s important for seniors to have reliable information when making decisions about retiring or moving from one’s home, for example.”

The PEI Seniors Secretariat is positioned to serve as a single entry point for information to provincial government for seniors, family members, community groups, other governments and business. “We know that it’s often difficult to know which service you need and it’s helpful to have someone give direction,” said Anna Duffy, co-chair of the Seniors’ Secretariat. “Seniors also want to reach real people at the end of the phone. Staff who answer the information line calls will help seniors make the necessary connections.”

The Prince Edward Island Seniors’ Guide was developed with support from an advisory committee of seniors, representatives of PEI seniors’ organizations and the PEI Literacy Alliance. English or French copies can be picked up from any Access PEI site or by contacting the Seniors’ Information Line at 1-866-770-0588 or (902) 569-0588 or by sending an e-mail to A copy of the guide can also be downloaded from

Media Contact: Verna Lynne Weeks
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