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March 5, 2008
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2008 Tourism Marketing Plan Highlighted at TIAPEI Annual Conference


Tourism PEI and the Tourism Advisory Council (TAC) highlighted details of the 2008 Marketing and Media plan to Prince Edward Island tourism operators today at the Credit Union Place in Summerside. As part of the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island’s (TIAPEI) Annual Tourism Conference, members were presented with the various components of the marketing campaign.

Honourable Valerie Docherty, Minister of Tourism, joined the Acting Chair of TAC, David MacKenzie, in the official launch of the 2008 Marketing Plan.

“Through our partnerships with TIAPEI and the Tourism Advisory Council we will continue to develop and promote PEI as a premier destination and enhance the economic benefits of the tourism industry,” said Minister Docherty. “We recognize the importance of working collaboratively with industry partners to ensure we make our industry stronger. As we move forward, we intend to strengthen our existing markets, grow new ones and establish diversity in our product.”

The elements of the campaign - from online and print ads, to the Island Guide, publications and the television ads, the creative is showcased to members of the tourism industry of Prince Edward Island before the marketing plan is distributed to various media outlets and the traveling public.

David MacKenzie, Acting Chair of TAC is pleased with the line-up they’ve been working to bring together for 2008. “The campaign is true to our brand and reinforces the Island’s brand position as ‘The Gentle Island of Rejuvenation,’ while introducing some new creative, television spots and new means of getting our message to the prospective visitor.”

As part of the presentation, the Anne 2008 Committee detailed activities taking place across Prince Edward Island in honour of the 100th Anniversary of the publication of L.M. Montgomery’s novel, Anne of Green Gables™.

“This famous book is published in more than 36 languages worldwide and a recent study noted that 10.7% of first time visitor parties indicated the main reason they were attracted to the Island was because of Anne of Green Gables and the world of L.M. Montgomery,” said Pamela Vienneau, Anne 2008 Operations Manager. “While Anne has long been a traditional component of tourism on Prince Edward Island, there remains a considerable opportunity to further develop the fictional world of Anne and the incredibly world famous reputation and celebration of her creator, L.M. Montgomery.”

A new website was launched,, and further details of the presentation can be found at the site. For more information, please visit

Media Contact: Julie Whitlock
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