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March 17, 2008
For immediate release

Minister Brown Releases Biofuels Report

Development and Technology

The Environmental and Renewable Industries Committee (ERIC), tasked by Executive Council to examine the potential for biofuels development on Prince Edward Island, delivered its final report to Cabinet.

With members from eight government departments and agencies, ERIC was mandated to collect data on the availability of suitable feedstocks from primary resource sectors and submit recommendations regarding the sustainable development of these resources for renewable energy technologies on PEI.

“By documenting the availability of feedstocks on PEI, the ERIC report outlined approaches to develop a ‘made-in-PEI’ approach to biofuel development and offered a number of policy recommendations that should lead to economic, environmental and social benefits to Islanders in the months and years to come,” stated Minister Brown.

In its report, ERIC recommended the establishment of an evaluation committee, chaired by the Department of Agriculture, to assess biofuels proposals and set project priorities. As well, short- and long-term objectives for the sustainable development of biofuels were made.

A key recommendation of the report included the promotion of pilot demonstration projects utilizing biofuels so Government can lead by example in the field of renewable energy. The Government has accepted all of the report’s eight recommendations. A new Intra-Departmental Committee has already begun its work, including accepting project proposals from the public.

The ERIC report can be accessed at under the What’s New section.

Project proponents wishing to make inquiries regarding proposal presentations to the Committee should contact

“Cabinet concluded that the sustainable development of biofuels has the potential to diversify Prince Edward Island’s energy mix, strengthen the Island economy, and help meet regional greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. As well, biofuels may provide alternative sources of income for Island farmers. Given the current challenges of our agriculture industry, this is a positive opportunity for our producers,” said Minister Brown.

Media Contact: Gordon Cobb
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