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March 31, 2008
For immediate release

Minister Urges Federal Government to Protect Prince Edward Island Interests

Development and Technology

Richard Brown, Minister of Development and Technology urged the federal government to protect Prince Edward Island’s fishing and farming sectors in the current round of World Trade Organization negotiations at the meeting of Ministers responsible for International Trade held Monday in Ottawa.

Brown, who attended the Federal-Provincial-Territorial meeting, urged David Emerson, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to act in the best interests of Islanders by protecting the benefits and supports to the agriculture and fishing sectors.

“There are serious concerns about the future of fisher’s EI, wharf maintenance and other programs for the fishing industry in the current round of the WTO negotiations,” said Brown. “The federal government needs to be fully committed to defending these programs that benefit the Island’s primary industries.”

The Minister also raised the issue of the federal government’s commitment to maintaining supply management for agricultural commodities.

“The federal government needs to protect the interests of the agriculture sector at these talks by ensuring the continuation of supply management programs for farmers,” he said.

Brown also raised the issue of protection for the Island’s shipbuilding industry and the importance of open access for Island products at the US border.

Media Contact: Kim Devine
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