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September 10, 2008
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Island Businesses Have New, Convenient Way to Remit Taxes Online

Provincial Treasury

Business owners can now file and pay many provincial taxes and fees online, thanks to a payment service recently adopted by the Provincial Treasury.

Corporations can access Can-Act Payment Services Inc, a division of Emergis, through their online financial institution. Once logged in, they can securely pay nine taxes and fees including provincial sales tax, monthly and annual financial corporations capital tax, 911 cost recovery fee, tobacco tax, property tax, GeoLinc deposits, environment tax or fuel tax. Businesses can also submit the required information through the online service. This will eliminate most of the paper-filing processes that accompany the payment.

Emergis already offers tax payment and filing services for the Federal Government, as well as to the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island is the only province to accept property taxes through the system.

“We’re always open to looking at new ways of making the system more efficient for taxpayers,” said Provincial Tax Commissioner Jim Ramsay. “This pay system fits in perfectly with our existing operations and it’s already being really well received by business owners who appreciate the simplicity and convenience of paying in this manner.”

Since this option was made available to businesses in April, $3 million dollars has been remitted through the Emergis system. The divisions of Taxation and Property Records and the Office of the Comptroller coordinated this initiative.


Emergis/CanAct Tax Payment and Remittance Service

What is the CanAct Tax Payment and Remittance Service being offered by the Provincial Treasury?

This payment service offers businesses an opportunity to conveniently and securely file and pay a number of their provincial taxes and fees online through their financial institutions. It is provided through Emergis.

What are the Government of Prince Edward Island taxes and fees I can pay this way?

Businesses can pay:

• Provincial Sales Tax

• Financial Corporations Capital Tax - Monthly

• Financial Corporations Capital Tax - Annual

• 911 Cost Recovery Fee

• Tobacco Tax

• Property Tax (P.E.I. is the only province to offer this option)

• GeoLinc Deposits

• Environment Tax

• Fuel Tax

Which financial institutions offer this service?

Currently, there are 13 financial institutions in Canada that offer this service to their business customers. They include Royal Bank, CIBC, Scotiabank, TD, and the Bank of Montreal. Ask your financial institution if they offer this option.

Is this secure?

Yes, this is secure as any payment you would currently make online through your bank. CanAct is already being used by the Federal Government and five provinces and has already processed well over one million tax payments, representing many millions of dollars.

What are the benefits to my business?

This is a cheaper way of remitting your taxes, since the bank fees are cheaper than the cost of paper processing. It also registers your payment on the next business day, meaning you don’t have to worry about delays and late charges you might incur using other payment methods. The information that accompanies most of the tax and fee payments can also be entered online and the data is forwarded electronically to the Province the next business day. Businesses can schedule the payment date to file their returns and register the payment

Who can access this system?

All companies in Canada can access this system. That means companies with regional offices have the option to pay all their taxes electronically.

How much does this cost?

Depending on the banking service fees the business has with their financial institution,

this service costs approximately $2 per transaction. Property tax transactions can include payment for a maximum of five properties per transaction. For example, property taxes for eight properties will be processed as two payment transactions for approximately $4.

Is this a complicated system?

No, it’s actually quite simple and straightforward. You simply fill in the numbers on the online form, select the account you wish to pay from, and click on the pay button. Payments will be registered with Provincial Treasury on the next business day.

How do I get more information on this system?

You can contact Connie MacDonald, Provincial Treasury, by phone at 902-368-5493 or e-mail at, or contact your bank.

Media Contact: Jennifer MacDonald-Donovan
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