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August 17, 2009
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Prince Edward Island Increases Subsidies to Community Care Facility Residents

Social Services and Seniors

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The Government of Prince Edward Island is strengthening its relationship with the people who operate community care facilities, in an effort to improve the quality of care for Islanders.

The Department of Social Services and Seniors and the Department of Health have successfully negotiated a new three-year agreement with the Association of Licensed Community Care Facilities. The agreement, which went into effect July 1, provides for three per cent increases each year to the social assistance daily subsidization rate.

The government pays subsidies to community care facility operators to accommodate approximately 500 Islanders – nearly half of all facility residents. The facilities are privately owned and operated and provide Islanders with services such as housekeeping, meals, and assistance with personal care.

Facilities will receive $61.80 per day for each subsidized client. By the end of the contract, in 2012, the rate will be $65.56 per day – up from $49 per day in 2006.

“This agreement means that our government has increased the community care facility subsidy rate by 34 per cent since 2007. We are committed to ensuring that vulnerable Islanders who require this level of care are well looked after and shown the dignity and respect they deserve,” said Doug Currie, Minister of Social Services and Seniors and Minister of Health.

“Quality care requires an adequate investment, and we have been calling for this increase for the past 10 years. Ultimately, Islanders will benefit from this increase and we are very encouraged by the government’s recent efforts to strengthen its relationship with operators to offer residents better care,” said Tanyia Kingyens, president of the Association of Licensed Community Care Facilities and administrator of ParkHill Place Retirement Residence in Summerside.

A multi-year agreement is not required by legislation, but the association and government agreed it would stabilize and improve operations at the facilities for the benefit of residents. As part of this shared commitment, operational and care service standards have been established for all licensed community care facilities. The standards focus on six areas: management and administration, licensing, resident care, physical environment and security, social environment and personnel. The new agreement also requires facility operators to send the province monthly reports about the numbers of subsidized clients in their care.

Contracts with all operators of the province’s 37 community care facilities are expected to be signed by the end of the summer.

Media Contact: Stefanie Arduini
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