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March 26, 2010
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Minister Encourages Islanders to Participate in Earth Hour 2010

Environment, Energy & Forestry

Being proactive to protect the environment is as simple as turning off the lights says Minister of Environment, Energy and Forestry, Richard Brown.

“Turning off the lights is a significant way Islanders can show leadership and take responsibility for our future,” says Minister Brown. “This simple action sends a powerful message about the importance of climate change.”

This action supports Earth Hour 2010, a global event organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to raise awareness about climate change. In 2009, over 4,000 cities in 88 countries officially switched off to pledge their support, making Earth Hour 2009 the world’s largest climate change initiative.

Earth Hour 2010 will take place Saturday, March 27 at 8:30 p.m.

“As Minister of Environment, I am calling on all Islanders to take part in Earth Hour 2010,” said Minister Brown. “Let’s unite with people around the world in this important initiative to fight climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.”


World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the world’s leading conservation organization working in 100 countries and supported by close to 5 million globally. WWF combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.

Media Contact: April Winchester
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