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October 28, 2010
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Non-refillable glass containers to be recycled in PEI

Environment, Energy & Forestry

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A pilot project to recycle non-refillable glass containers into aggregate for use in road and sidewalk construction will create significant economic and environmental benefits says Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry Minister Richard Brown.

“By processing glass containers locally, we are recycling a waste product into a useful product and displacing a large amount of aggregate that is currently imported into the province,” said Minister Brown. “We are reducing our shipping costs and eliminating close to 100 yearly truck trips to New Brunswick.

Every year, Islanders consume more than 4 million beverages served in non-refillable glass containers. Non-refillable glass containers are the only beverage containers not recycled in Prince Edward Island. More than 3,500 tonnes of non-refillable glass containers are shipped yearly to Moncton where they are crushed and sold to the export market.

The year-long pilot project will test the economic and environmental feasibility of processing container glass locally to produce glass aggregate. Custom-designed equipment will pulverize container glass into high-quality glass aggregate.

Glass aggregate drains extremely well and does not absorb moisture like conventional gravel. The material will be used in trials by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and by private contractors. Sample projects will include drainage areas in road and sidewalk construction and as fill in areas requiring improved drainage.

“This project is an opportunity to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of our recycling programs by processing and utilizing a waste product rather than shipping it off Island,” said Mr. Brown.

The project will be assessed for feasibility and sustainability after a year of operation.

Label Sanitation will run the project under the Beverage Container Management Program.

Media Contact: Kim Devine
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