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April 1, 2011
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UPEI students design water crossings for woodlot owners

Environment, Energy & Forestry

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Woodlot owners in Prince Edward Island will learn the best design options for temporary watercourse crossings on their properties from a research project carried out by UPEI engineering students, says Environment, Energy and Forestry Minister Richard Brown.

“This research project will give woodlot owners viable design options on how to build temporary crossings for streams on their properties, which will help woodlot owners use their land more efficiently,” said Minister Brown.

The project, researched and presented by second and third year UPEI engineering students, was sponsored by the department and the PEI Model Forest Network Partnership.

“We challenged these students to design effective and affordable temporary stream crossing options to support our 16,000 woodlot owners on Prince Edward Island,” said Steve DeWolfe, program coordinator of the PEI Model Forest Network Partnership.

The department submitted criteria for the project and then worked with the students throughout the term. The goal of the project was how to design temporary crossings over water with minimal impact on banks and streams.

The engineering students involved in the project include Sam Arnold, Mitch Eamer, Stephanie Charlton, Tyler Harris, David Brown and Kashif Ayoubi

“The department was pleased to sponsor this project,” said Mr. Brown. “The students did an excellent job and it gave them a good idea of the kind of work they will be doing once they begin their careers,” said Mr. Brown.

The department will submit the students’ final report to a professional engineer for certification before it is made available to woodlot owners at a later date.

For more information, contact Brian Brown with the Forest, Fish and Wildlife Division, 902-368-6431 or e-mail

Media Contact: Kim Devine
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