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July 22, 2011
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National energy strategy needed says Canada’s energy ministers

Environment, Energy & Forestry

Canada’s energy ministers endorsed a national strategic approach to energy at their annual meeting in Kananaskis, Alberta, says Environment, Energy and Forestry Minister Richard Brown.

The ministers agreed to a shared vision for Canada as a recognized global leader in secure and sustainable energy supply, use and innovation.

“I was extremely pleased with the discussions that took place regarding a concerted movement towards a national energy strategy,” said Minister Brown. “A national energy strategy will create jobs, increase economic opportunities and provide Canadians with a reliable source of renewable, affordable energy.”

The energy ministers endorsed a strategic approach that included a set of common principles and objectives to guide energy policies in Canada.

“A national energy strategy will generate strong economic growth in the energy sector while meeting the world’s growing demand for energy in an environmentally sustainable way,” said the minister.

Minister Brown is the incoming chair of the next energy ministers’ conference and will be taking a leading role in implementing the national strategy.

“I look forward to participating in further discussions that will advance a plan of action for a strategic approach to energy,” he said.

The ministers also discussed common issues and identified other areas of possible collaboration including energy efficiency, energy awareness, new energy markets, smart grid technology and electricity reliability.

“These are some of the initiatives that Prince Edward Island has or is striving to implement in our own energy strategy,” said the minister.

Minister Brown said the idea of a national energy strategy is gaining momentum. In mid -August, UPEI will host the 2011 Palmer Conference on Public Sector Leadership. The theme is Developing a Canadian Energy Strategy and it has attracted prominent leaders in the energy sector from across the country.

Prince Edward Island will host the next meeting of the energy and mines ministers in Charlottetown, September 9-11, 2012.

“Islanders will be proud to host the ministers and delegates from across Canada and introduce them to our unique Island hospitality,” said Minister Brown.

Media Contact: Alf Blanchard
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