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May 15, 2012
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Island students benefit from new Physical Education curriculum

Education and Early Childhood Development

New physical education curriculum and safety guidelines will help students develop knowledge, skills and positive attitudes toward active living, says Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Alan McIsaac.

“Updated instructional resources and teaching strategies will help students develop skills and gain a solid foundation for a healthy, balanced lifestyle,” said Minister McIsaac. “The department is committed to renewing curriculum to ensure our students receive quality education as part of the whole learning experience.”

Physical Education curriculum for grades to 7 to 9 is now being introduced across Prince Edward Island with professional development and training for teachers. New curricula and instructional resources for kindergarten to grade 6 were implemented in the 2010-2011 school year. It will emphasize active living and balancing safe and respectful personal, social, cultural and environmental interactions in a wide variety of movement activities. Students also focus on understanding, developing, and transferring movement concepts, skills, tactics, and strategies.

New safety guidelines were also introduced for physical educators, school boards and administrators to address the safety components for their physical education program. These policies clearly outline procedures that help minimize, to the greatest extent possible, the risk of a preventable accident or injury.

“The physical education safety guidelines focus attention on safe instructional practices for all curriculum, intramural and interschool school sports activities,” said Minister McIsaac. “The goal is to minimize possible risks associated with physical education, physical activity and school sport programming. By implementing safe instructional practices and concentrating on age-appropriate activities, students will be in a better position to learn and compete in a safe environment.”

All students from kindergarten to grade 9 across the Prince Edward Island school system are required to participate in physical education classes. Students are also encouraged to take various elective courses available at the high school level. The curriculum is designed to help students develop an interest in active living, community recreation, fitness and coaching.

Students from kindergarten to grade 6 are involved in 75 minutes of physical education curriculum per week and grade 7-9 students participate in 60-90 minutes per week. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development continues to research best practices and update provincial curriculum to reflect changes in society, the economy and labour market.

For more information on Prince Edward Island’s physical education curriculum, please contact Cheryl Tanton at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Media Contact: Laura Steeves
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