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June 1, 2012
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Make safety a priority this barbeque season

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By taking a few simple precautions, Islanders can enjoy a safe and fire-free barbeque season, says Provincial Fire Marshal Dave Rossiter.

“As the spring and summer weather gets warmer, many of us like to gather on the deck or at the cottage, and cooking outdoors is often a big part of enjoying the season,” said Mr. Rossiter. “I hope these safety tips will help everyone safely enjoy preparing meals and spending time with family and friends this summer.”

• At the beginning of the season, check to make sure the burner ports on your barbeque are free of rust or dirt and that the burner opening is clear of dust and cobwebs.

• Check for leaks by brushing a 50/50 mix of liquid soap and water onto all propane cylinder connections and hoses. Bubbles rising to the surface indicate a propane leak. Tighten connections or repair the hose, and repeat the soap and water test until there are no bubbles.

• Always keep the lid open when lighting the grill. Open the propane valve at the cylinder, and light the burner using the igniter button. If there is no igniter, insert a long match or barbeque lighter through the side burner hole. Always light the match or lighter before you turn on the propane at the barbeque controls.

• Transport propane cylinders safely by placing in a secure, upright position with the safety valve in place. Ideally, transport the cylinder on the floor of the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Keep the vehicle windows open.

• Never use or store a propane barbeque indoors or in any enclosed space, including a garage.

For information on barbeque safety or any other fire safety issue, please feel free to contact the Provincial Fire Marshal’s Office at (902) 368-4869 or email

Media Contact: Connie McNeill
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