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May 15, 2014
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Daytime running lights, uncovered licence plates required

Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Island drivers must have their daytime running lights on and their licence plates free of coverings now that changes to the Highway Traffic Act are law, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Robert Vessey says.

“Our department is always looking for ways to make our highways safer,” Minister Vessey said. “Daytime running lights make vehicles easier to see and licence-plate coverings make the plates harder to see, and these were simple but important safety improvements that could be made legislatively.”

The daytime running lights and no-licence-plate coverings requirements take effect immediately. A third amendment to the Highway Traffic Act, which restricts the use of right-hand-drive vehicles, takes effect June 1.

Daytime running lights: Daytime running lights help motorcyclists and bicyclists see oncoming traffic, and have been required for all vehicles manufactured after 1989 and for imported vehicles. The new law requires that all vehicles have their daytime running lights on and functional – or have their headlights turned on at all times (effective immediately).

Licence plate covers: Tinted licence plate covers – and even clear plastic covers – can reflect headlight glare and obscure the plate number. Police agencies requested that legislation be strengthened to prohibit all plate covers so they could more easily read the plates for enforcement reasons (effective immediately).

Right-hand-drive vehicles: Right-hand-drive vehicles, such as collector vehicles and those imported from other countries, are not compatible with traffic systems set up for left-hand-drive vehicles. Since these vehicles present safety challenges for the driver and for the traveling public, new registrations of these vehicles (after June 1, 2014) will not be permitted, except for certain commercial purposes and for vehicles 25 years of age or older (effective June 1).

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Media Contact: Brad Chatfield
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