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June 20, 2014
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Government endorses Task Force recommendations

Finance and Energy

The provincial government has endorsed the general direction of the Task Force report on land use policies and will develop an implementation plan, says Finance, Energy and Municipal Affairs Minister Wes Sheridan.

“Land use in Prince Edward Island is an issue that affects the economy, the environment and the quality of life of all Islanders,” said Minister Sheridan. “The provincial government will review the recommendations in detail, and while some of the recommendations can be implemented relatively quickly, others will require more time and consideration.”

Mr. Sheridan said that as a starting point, the government has adopted the Statements of Provincial Interest. The statements, formulated by the Task Force, will guide the development and implementation of land use policies by government and municipalities. The statements include the protection of the quality and quantity of water, prime agricultural land, the rural landscape, natural areas and coastal areas. Overall, the goal is to encourage healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities.

Currently, there are no provincial land use policies or comprehensive land use plans that apply to all of Prince Edward Island. Official plans cover only 10 percent of the province, and a patchwork of rules for the remaining 90 percent.

The report’s key recommendations include provincial land use policies, the establishment of a third-party provincial planning commission and the development of regional land use plans.

The Task Force was established on the recommendation of Justice Ralph Thompson through the Commission on Land and Local Governance. It conducted extensive public consultations over the past year. Chaired by John Handrahan, the members were Janice Harper, Carol Horne, Paul Gallant and Marvyn Webster.

“This was a significant undertaking with long-term implications for the province,” said Minister Sheridan. “I want to thank the members for their hard work, and the public for its input on this very important issue.”

The report is available at

Media Contact: Wayne MacKinnon
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