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August 29, 2014
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Premiers commit to improving outcomes for Aboriginal children in care

Premier's Office

55th Annual Premiers’ Conference

Canada’s Premiers discussed the disproportionate and large number of Aboriginal children in care across the country and the many complex social and economic factors that underlie this situation. They reiterated their individual commitments to work with local Aboriginal communities toward local solutions, and also recognized the need for governments and Aboriginal communities to work collectively to address and correct this Canada-wide problem.

Premier Robert R. McLeod, together with Manitoba’s Minister of Family Services, Kerri Irvin-Ross, will work with appropriate provincial and territorial Ministers to share information on potential solutions to mitigate child protection concerns resulting in a reduction in the number of Aboriginal children in child welfare systems across Canada and improve outcomes for Aboriginal children in care. Premier Christy Clark will also assist in guiding this work. They requested that a progress report be provided to Premiers for consideration at their 2015 meeting in Newfoundland and Labrador. Premiers emphasized that it is essential to have a committed federal partner in addressing Aboriginal child welfare issues.

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Media Contact: Guy Gallant
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